6 Cigar and Whisky Pairings You Need to Try

Whisky and cigar – two of the life’s most valued luxuries are charmers in their very own way. When these two meet, magic is bound to happen!

As far as pleasing the palate is concerned, there are very few things that are more satisfying than pairing a swirling puff of cigar smoke with a dram. And, just in case, if you’re wondering where to start - don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with the list of best cigars to pair with your whisky.

So, gather around, folks!

Ashton Estate Sun Grown 23 Year and Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack

This pairing reflects that things often get a lot better with age. Gentleman Jack is ideally matured more than Jack Daniels original and this is what makes it an ideal match for a flavorful and spicy cigar like Ashton ESG. The double mellowing gives the whiskey its smooth, yet full-bodied flavor profile with hints of fruit and spice. On the other hand, Ashton ESG comes with an aged Sun Grown Wrapper which billows silky smooth smoke like a cloud, uplifting the subtle aftertaste of the whiskey.

Jameson Original and CLE PLUS 2015 ROBUSTO

The CLE Plus 2015 is a relatively new offering from Christian Eiroa and it’s basically a rehashed version of CLE original which served as a powerhouse of spice and flavors. The new version is comparatively smooth and it pairs up well with any whiskey which boasts a lighter flavor profile. Consider coupling it with Jameson Original, a light bodied whiskey with subtle notes of vanilla that helps in unearthing the hidden flavors of the cigar.   

J.D. Howard Reserve HR50 and Pappy Van Winkle 15 Family Reserve

Dark and rich with subtle hints of wood, vanilla and brown sugar – the Pappy 15 typically makes for a bold, yet beautiful pairing with cigars. The complex flavor profile of this whiskey calls for a smooth after-puff which J.D Howard HR50, effortlessly assures. This cigar comes with a classic Brazilian maduro wrapper which oozes out streams of natural sweetness, thereby contrasting the heavy flavors of the whiskey.

Illusione 888 Candela with Jim Beam Signature Craft 12 yr Old

With traditional Candela wrapper, the Illusione 888 takes you for a ride into the past when Four Seasons and Frankie Valli ruled the streets. With a dash of earthy flavors and subtle hints of woodiness, this green delight serves as an ideal companion for the Jim Beam Signature Craft 12 yr old. The rich oaky after-taste of the whiskey blends well with the natural flavors of the cigar, exuding some extra sweetness to round out the smoke, only to leave a subtle touch of coffee in the end.

Davidoff Classic No.1 and Makers Mark

This is a pairing which is bound to take your taste buds for a whirlwind ride. With a light oak finish and a smooth flavor profile, Makers Mark serves as a go-to bourbon for the ones who wish their whiskey to be softer on their palate. Makers Mark and Davidoff Classic seems like an heavenly affair, mostly because the cigar is silky smooth, yet layered enough with a hint of cream and cedar. Add to this, its slightly long size which burns more and what you have is a real treat for a whiskey connoisseur.

Angel’s Envy and Dram Cask #3

Undeniably, the spiciest among all the dram cigars, Dram Cask #3 demands a dram for pairing which has the audacity to match its strength. Angel’s Envy is matured in port wine barrels. No wonder, it is the powerhouse of spices and zesty enough to complement a Dram Cask. When paired, neither overpowers the other, instead compliments one another by cutting into each other’s flavor profile.