5 Whisky Desserts for V-Day Candle Light Dinner

Lay your table with dainty cutlery, and place a few fancy candles that won’t burn out before the end of the meal. Also have a playlist ready with music to fit the mood.

And now for dessert...


A traditional Polish dessert, Kruschikis are cookies made with plenty of eggs and a hit of whisky. Now, we don’t think you are going to get Kruschikis at every other café or restaurant you take your loved one to, but you can of course make plenty of Kruschikis at home to surprise him/her. The best part is, Kruschikis fall under that category of dessert that can be consumed after the main course or even as appetizers, so, you decide.

Irish Whiskey Brownies

Who doesn’t like brownies? There are days when we wake up and feel like having one, and then there are those painful nights when right before going to bed we crave brownies. Come to think of it, brownies have come as a solution to several of our problems. Hence, we decided we must include them in this list. Having them spiked with a little Irish whiskey, say a Jameson Irish whiskey, only makes things better. Once again, your favourite café might not be serving whisky brownies, so either find out who does, or simply bake them at home.

Drunken Grilled Peaches

Now this one is for all who swear by fruits. While we all love fresh peaches, here’s how you can make them taste even better. Let us give you a hint, Drunken Grilled Peaches also have vanilla and bourbon in it, and these are exactly what gives this dessert its signature flavour. If you like experimenting with food, we recommend trying this one out. Just remember to make your dish look pretty, and let the warm yellow light of the candles do the rest. Also, if you are having grilled peaches for dessert, pour yourself some bourbon and have it neat.

Pecan Pie Bark

Nobody refuses pie. Particularly if it is spiked with bourbon, or Irish whiskey. So make your pecan pie bark with a generous amount of whiskey and watch it accentuate the flavour of the pecan. The honey crackers and vanilla essence, however, balance the natural notes of spices in this dessert and we bet you won’t be complaining about the effort it takes to make this after you have taken the first bite.


Cranachan is a traditional dessert from Scotland. Hardly difficult to guess, Cranachan is made with scotch whisky among other things. While it does not take more than fifteen minutes, making Cranachan is an art. Basically the trick of the trade lies in how skillfully you can form the alternate layers of puree and cream.