5 Whisky Cocktails to Serve at Brunch

Whenever I’m out with my friends these days for brunch, I tend to give boring old orange juice a miss. I’d rather stab my eyes out with a fork than settle for an OJ at brunch.

Are you planning on ditching your Proseccos and iced teas for your mid morning meals as well? I suggest that you do. A light cocktail never hurt anybody. But you need to pair your cocktails with the food you are being served. So for a hearty meal, go for a Whisky Smash, while if you strictly on a fresh fruit diet, settle for a Whisky Paradise Punch or a Modern Old Fashioned instead.

Here’s listing 5 brunch-friendly cocktails:

  • Modern Old Fashioned

Well, if you are tossing out typical fruit juices, you might just toss out the old school Old Fashioned. I came across this modern take on the cocktail on the Internet, which uses Knob Creek, orange and Belgian white ale. However, on experimenting I found that orange marmalade, simple sugar syrup, Belgian white ale, orange bitters, fresh lemon juice, Blenders Pride Whisky, and Nine Hills is a good mix as well. This beverage is perfect for a brunch where you must make enough time to eat, work, and get a quick cocktail as well.

  • Bourbon & Honey

A chunk of whisky lovers out there like their tea and can never get enough of it. Well if you happen to be one and like your tea as much as I do, this tweaked version of the original cocktail was totally made for you. Bourbon and Honey is originally made with parts of bourbon, fresh lemon, orange blossom honey, and thyme sprigs. Replacing Bourbon Whisky with a Scotch whisky like The Glenlivet, and using cinnamon sticks, chamomile tea, star anise, lemon juice, and a whole lot of honey is perfect. This should be your ideal brunch cocktail on a date with yourself and your favorite read.

  • Whisky Smash

Whisky smash is perfect for a brunch out with your girlfriends. And with summer approaching, it couldn’t get any more apt. This beverage is a smooth mix of passion fruit, lemon, aperol, and adequate amounts of scotch, say 100 Pipers Whisky for instance. It is the richness in terms of its flavors and the smoothness in its texture which will make you ask for seconds. But that shouldn’t be a worry at all. A day out with your girls should be reason enough for you to get more than a little tipsy.

  • Irish Coffee

Do you regularly need an adequate amount of caffeine, without which you just can’t get past the day? If you do, this drink should be your best friend on a buffet brunch. While coffee is itself good enough as a beverage, spiking it up makes it all the more better. An Irish Coffee should be made with roasted espresso coffee, sugar syrup, whipped double cream, and Irish whiskey, preferably Jameson. It will make you sufficiently tipsy but enough caffeinated to help you make it through the rest of the day.

  • Whisky Paradise Punch

A paradise punch is what you should be having on a day when you don’t need to get much done. You can have multiple glasses of the same. The good thing about this beverage is that it is so high on the freshness quotient that the more you have, the better it feels. Paradise punches usually have fresh lime, a select wine, preferably Nine Hills, a Scotch whisky, preferably Royal Stag Deluxe, and a mix of different fruit juices.

Have your pick from the above cocktails and have a gala time at brunch!