5 skin and hair benefits of Whisky

The origin of whisky goes centuries back, delighting millions of drink lovers worldwide ever since.

Did you know? Mixing whisky in your homemade face packs and hair masks can give you some incredible results. Today, we are sharing five benefits of using whisky for a glowing skin and shiny smooth hair.

Say no to oily skin!

Having an oily skin can lead to pimples and acne. But, by adding a few drops of lemon juice in two teaspoons of whisky and applying the mix on your face will help in controlling the excess oil. Thus, reducing the accumulation of acne-causing bacteria and dirt. The antiseptic property of whisky also makes it safe for use on skin.

Make an anti-aging face pack

Anti-aging products are a part of multibillion cosmetics industry. But before you pick up those fancy creams and lotions, try some homemade anti-aging remedies with whisky. Add two teaspoons of whisky to one tablespoon of milk powder and one egg white. Mix it well and apply as a face pack. You can even pour some of that Ballantine’s for yourself while you let the face pack do its work. Wait 20 minutes before washing your face with cold water and feel the difference in the contours and texture of your skin.

Rejuvenate dead skin

Apart from face packs, whisky can be used for making skin rejuvenation ointments to replace your daily scrub. Use a tablespoon of honey, two teaspoons of milk and mix them with a tablespoon of whisky. Scrub your face, neck and arms with the mix before dipping your toes in the bath. The antiseptic properties of whisky mixed with the goodness of honey and milk renew your skins glow. Do remember to use a gentle soap to wash off the aroma or you may end up smelling a bit musky for the day.

Follow the routine twice a week and you will have compliments coming your way.

Use as hair conditioner

The best hair conditioner is the natural kind. Instead of using chemical laced hair conditioners, making a hair mask with henna and egg at home will keep your scalp healthy, wealthy and wise. And if you want some extra wisdom and goodness, add a hint of whisky to the hair mask. The antiseptic properties of whisky will drive away bacterial and fungal elements plaguing your hair, and you will come out of the bath with silky smooth hair.

Enhance hair growth

If you recently had a haircut, but now wish for those long locks again, you may find some respite in whisky! Mix a teaspoon of whisky with warm olive oil and one egg yolk and massage your scalp daily to promote quick hair growth.

Impressed? Well, go on try these remedies and see the benefits for yourself.

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