5 Reasons to Start Drinking Jameson Irish Whiskey

Ask a whiskey drinker, or a bartender about Jameson and a recommendation would not be too far away. Anyone that has ever tasted a drop of Jameson has never stopped at a drop. If you are a whiskey lover and have resisted the urge of giving Jameson a shot, allow us to help.

Jameson is known all over the world not just as an Irish whiskey, but as ‘the’ Irish whiskey. It is the standard of quality that every single Irish whiskey is measured against. The brand has maintained a stranglehold over the title of the number one Irish whiskey for years, and has never come close to relinquishing its crown.

So what makes Jameson the whiskey that should be at the top of your ‘to-do’ list? Here are five reasons why The Whiskypedia thinks you should start drinking Jameson, the Irish whiskey right away!

One of the smoothest whiskeys in the world

A lot can be said to make a case for Jameson’s smoothness, which many would claim is the best in the world. Jameson is a blend of single pot still and grain whiskeys matured for over four years, and that is not where it stops.

Jameson Whiskey

Jameson is a triple-distilled whiskey, which helps bring out the terrific smoothness that is renowned for all over the world. Did you know Jameson is the bestselling Irish whiskey not just in the United States but also the world? The exceptional Jameson quality has helped the brand sell more than 7.3 million cases worldwide in 2018, and the numbers are only getting better every year.

Although smoothness plays a pivotal role when it comes to Jameson’s popularity among whiskey lovers globally, it is not the only factor that makes it the world’s best Irish whiskey.

The best whiskey cocktails are made with Jameson

Yes that’s a tall claim but ask any bartender or mixologist worth their salt, and the answer will always be the same. There is nothing quite like Jameson when it comes whiskey cocktails.

Jameson Irish whiskey is perhaps the most adaptable whiskeys to have ever been created. The makers of this classic encourage experimentation, and stand resolute behind the belief that there is no right way to drink Jameson.

No matter the preferences of each person, this Irish whiskey retains every bit of its goodness whether it is taken neat, or with a mixer; with only a few cubes of ice or a generous splash of spring water. The perfect balance of sweet and spicy aromas make it a delight not only on the Nose, but the tempting flavours of soft vanilla, spice and sweet sherry give it an irresistible array of flavours too.

Jameson revived the Irish whiskey industry

The unfortunate decline of the Irish whiskey industry was reversed by the resilience of Jameson. The brand can be credited with single-handedly reviving the Irish whiskey industry, which, at its worst phase had been reduced from a thriving ecosystem to just four distilleries across Ireland.

Keeping the flame lit was Jameson, preserving the world’s attention and admiration towards Irish whiskey as others had the opportunity to catch up. Since 2009, Jameson has recorded a steady and wonderful incline in their sales volume worldwide. Jameson bettered their sales figures of 2.7 million 9-litre-cases in 2009, to a whopping 7.5 million cases in 2018 without suffering a decline even once.

Jameson Whiskey

Consistency and innovation were at the heart of the brand’s reign as the number one Irish whiskey worldwide. Jameson launched a string of stellar expressions and releases during this period including the critical and commercially successful Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition, Jameson Caskmates IPA Edition and the Jameson Black Barrel Select Reserve.

For the uninitiated, the Caskmates Stout Edition whiskey is matured in ex-Stout barrels that Jameson lends out the Franciscan Well brewery to mature their stout beer.

The Caskmates IPA Edition is likewise matured in Indian Pale Ale barrels and the Black Barrel Select Reserve is matured solely in heavily charred oak barrels. This is the kind of innovation that has enabled Jameson to covet their heritage from the past, and cradle the promise of future within the company’s values.

A premium whiskey without the premium price

Jameson Black Barrel Whiskey

The makers of Jameson have ensured the accessibility of their whiskey for all kinds of people, across every class and social status. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Jameson is one of the most reasonably priced whiskeys available in the market today. Being a reasonably priced whiskey might not be quite the accomplishment for many, but with the qualities of a premium whiskey firmly within its grasp, Jameson has the superior bragging rights over pretty much anything you could find. We could simply say,

There is nothing quite like Jameson

A lot can be said for and about Jameson, including all the things we just stated above but to capture the feeling around it would nearly be impossible. To put it rather succinctly yet delicately, there is nothing quite like Jameson.

Jameson Whiskey

The brand stands at the pinnacle of the intersectionality of everything that makes a great whiskey; the price and the quality, the heritage and the innovation, the ability to deliver the Jameson experience whether it is taken neat or mixed with any conceivable liquid.

Those are all the qualities that create a world where there is Jameson and there are the rest.