Picking up liquor is always a matter of taste. Some of us prefer the delicate, sweet and floral notes of Speyside single malts while others might be into something brawnier, such as peated Scotch whiskies or barrel-proof bourbon. However, if you are a whisky-loving woman, or a man picking up whisky for your wife or girlfriend, there are some expressions that you simply must try.

Laphroaig Triple Wood

This famously intense Islay single malt whisky can make any man’s knees buckle, that’s because Laphroaig owes its popularity to a woman, Bessie Williamson. She recognized the potential of single malts and reached out into export markets, transforming Laphroaig into a flagship. Laphroaig Triple Wood is the perfect expression for a woman of power. The whisky spends time in ex-bourbon casks, oloroso casks and quarter casks to balance the smokiness with rich flavors of dried fruit and chocolate.

Ballantine’s Finest Blended Scotch Whisky

Ballantine’s Finest has remained Europe’s no.1 scotch whisky. It was also voted as the world’s best blended scotch for 2020. The elegant, heather honey aromas of Ballantine’s Finest come with hints of spice to balance the subtle taste of sweet flavors like milk chocolate, red apple and vanilla.  With a recipe that has stayed original since 1910, Ballantine’s Finest Blended Scotch Whisky offers a fresh and floral finish that perfectly suits a lady’s palate.

Michter’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Michter’s is among Kentucky’s newest distilleries with a woman master blender at the helm. And not just any woman but Pamela Heilmann, the erstwhile manager of Jim Beam. So naturally, the Kentucky Straight Bourbon is an expression that is spicy, lively and a consistent favorite among whisky connoisseurs. The expression is released in small-batch, limited quantities, so you may have to keep an eye out for this lady pleaser.

Jameson Irish Whiskey

Jameson Irish Whiskey has been receiving the love of ladies for quite a while now. Its creamy, rich taste with the sweetness of butterscotch and affinity with ginger ale has a special pull for every whiskey lover. On top of that, Jameson is very approachable, making it perfect for ladies who are in the process of discovering their palate. Plus, it has an alluring label design and identity – simple, stylish and unmistakable.

The Famous Grouse

Recalled by drinkers as “a fine Scottish brew”, this whisky from the early 19th century has been loved by drinkers for a long time. The Famous Grouse whisky has a very balanced nose and taste, with lots of creamy malt with a hint of spice. The malt blend is rested longer for smoothness and filtered at a higher temperature for richness, and it will surely please a lady’s palate.

Well, that concludes our list, now it’s for the ladies to banish the stereotypes that say whisky is a man’s drink. Cheers!

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