5 Home Bar Ideas to Liven up Your Place

Does the thought of going out drinking at bars make you cringe? Do you hate the inconvenience and discomfort associated with it? The overpriced cocktails, having to find a ride back home, only to realize the next morning that you’ve blown a hole in your pocket. That too, right when it’s the end of the month.

You are not alone — we feel you. Home bars are a one-stop solution that’ll melt your worries away. When done well, they are a stylish addition to your living, backyard, or even your bedroom area. Attuned to your style, whether sophisticated or funky, they are a great addition to jazz up your interiors. Trust us when we say that it needn’t be a hassle to set it up.

Here’s a list of 5 home bar ideas that could perfectly liven up your place:

  • Backyard Bar

Simply turn your garden shed into a backyard bar. It will satisfy the spirit lover in you and will be a wonderful utilization of space at the same time. Backyard bars are ideal for weekend relaxation. If you intend on saving a few bucks, do-it-yourself (DIY) by getting rid of gardening tools and junk, dismantling the pallets, lining the floor and walls of the shed with sturdy wood, painting it, lining the ceiling, and finally decorating the bar. However, if you have the budget, get it done by the best builders and contractors available. Make sure you have furniture in place that’s comfortable and a music system with good acoustics.

  • Liquor Cabinet

Liquor cabinets are extremely convenient, especially when you have guests over. Get creative with your cabinet so that they stand out as a focal point in your living area. You may convert any piece of ordinary furniture into a liquor cabinet. An armoire, a hutch, or a moderately-sized china cabinet works well. Use the inner shelves of the cabinet to display stemware and your spirit collection. You could also turn old whisky barrels, wall cabinets, or television stands into liquor cabinets. Have separate compartments for ice buckets, bottle openers, glasses, and bottles. If you are repurposing old furniture, make sure that you install transparent glass doors so that you and your guests can see the contents from outside.

  • Bar Carts

A bar cart is as convenient as it gets. As an indoor bar, it can be rolled to whichever room the party’s happening, and it can be moved outside for outdoor celebrations. Any ordinary rolling cart could be painted and decorated for this purpose. You could also buy a cart that’s specifically meant to store bottles and other bar tools. Opt for a cart that has several shelves. Decorate the top with antiques, glassware, and colourful bottles. Use it to prepare drinks and serve snacks and munchies. While a wooden cart will have more of a traditional appeal, a metallic one will be sleek and modern. Choose one that goes with the aesthetics of your home décor or just paint it to your liking, if you wish.

  • Record Bar

This one’s for those who love their music and are passionate about vinyl. Good thing is that a record bar can be set up anywhere in your apartment, very much to your liking. So while you are at your drink, you can have the satisfaction of observing your priced vinyl collection by your side and your favourite record on play. This awesome bar setup gives your entire place a vintage and nostalgic feel, which is exactly what you want when you have your friends and loved ones over. Record bars look good and add on to the feel of your bedroom as well, if that is where you decide upon setting it up.

  • DIY Beer Cap Table

If you love beer and DIY projects, a beer cap table will be right up your alley. It’s an easy project, is functional as home bar equipment, and will certainly make heads turn when you have friends over. You could make a particular patterned table or a random one for that matter. You’ll need a table, loads of flat beer bottle caps, glue and resin, and a glass top. Ensure that your caps are clean and dry before you lay them out in a pattern of your choice on the table. Glue them on and give sufficient time for them to dry. Let’s admit that it’s exciting to have a glass of your favourite whisky or vodka on a table that’s purely your doing!

So which home bar idea is your favourite? Decide on one and set it up to liven up your place a little more. Choose one that naturally reflects your personality. After all, you’d want to enjoy and feel at home at the same time after a hard day’s work. Be it vintage, rustic or quirky, set your home bar today!