5 complements to include when gifting liquor

The festive season is just around the corner, and it is time to prepare your gift baskets! Spark joy in the hearts of your friends and family with a bottle of their favorite spirit. A bottle of Scotch whisky or fine wine works perfectly well as a standalone gift, but to hear something like ‘best present ever’ you need to up your gifting game. So, here are some ideas to make this one a high-spirited holiday.

1. Set of Bar Tools

Set of Bar Tools

A special something for your liquor aficionado friends or family members. Accompany the liquor bottle with a premium bar set to add that extra bit of excitement that behooves a holiday. A standard bar tool set includes a whisky pourer, bar blade, a peg measure, shot glasses, cocktail shaker etc. A bar tool set is a gift that keeps on giving. They will remember you for it forever.

2. Glassware


A great accompaniment to a bottle of good liquor is appropriate glassware. Decanters and glasses not only serve an aesthetic purpose but also provide a much better and wholesome drinking experience. Crystal whisky glasses or wine glasses make for excellent gifts. Imagine the joy on your friend’s face as they pour some of the golden liquid out of a Jameson’s bottle into a crystal whisky tumbler. Priceless!

3. A Hip Flask:

A Hip Flask

There is nothing like some premium whisky in a beautiful hip flask that perks up a true whisky connoisseur. Not only is it a handier option, but it also lets the recipient flaunt their new gift every time they have a sip. A memorable gift that you can point out for years to come, in case you ever forget a Christmas gift.

4. Food Pairings

Food Pairings

Including choice foods with a liquor bottle is also a great option. Most drink lovers, especially in India, are ignorant of food pairings with their favorite liquor. There is a host of information about proper food pairings on Whiskeypedia that you can use to prep up your gift baskets. E.g., for a smooth and fruity single malt whisky like Glenlivet, you can add a slab of rich dark chocolate to highlight its rich notes for the recipient.

5. A Cocktail Recipe Book

Cocktail Recipe Book

After the wines, whiskies, vodkas and bourbons of the world, cocktails are among the best invention of mankind. From classic to experimental, the list of cocktails you can create are endless. Including a book of cocktail recipes with the intended liquor bottle can also earn you some instant gratification, as you may be treated to one of those intoxicating mixes on the spot!

Now that your presents are sorted, wrap them up nicely and get ready to share the joy with your friends and family. Happy holidays!

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