5 budget whiskies that pair well with Indian food


Indian cuisine is counted among the most diverse cuisines in the world. Every region of India has a signature palate; however, we are known globally because of the spiciness of our cuisines. The traditional ways of cooking enhance the spicey flavors and leave a tingle on your tastebuds. Perhaps that’s why it is an acquired taste for most westerners who are used to more bland diets.

But the spicey nature of Indian food comes in quite handy when pairing food with alcohol. The spices enhance the smoothness of the malt and vice versa. A win-win pairing in our opinion. So, today we are sharing five whiskies that pair like a charm with Indian foods.

Imperial Blue Whisky

Imperial Blue is India’s whisky of choice for a reason, and that’s because it gels well with Indian food. Made from a blend of the finest Indian grain spirits, Imperial Blue whisky has a very smooth palate of caramel, lemon juice and sweeteners. It’s short finish and throaty alcohol burn is just the thing you need when guzzling down some spicey paneer tikkas on the side.

Royal Stag Whisky

An iconic Indian whisky brand, Royal Stag is a blend of imported Scotch malts and select Indian grain spirits. The leafy aroma of Royal Stag whisky offers generous hints of fruitiness and smoke. Its pleasant smooth finish means you can spice up your food as much as you like, and the whisky will still keep up with your appetite for more. That’s one reason why the brand has instant recognition among Indian whisky lovers.

Blenders Pride Whisky

Apart from its premium packaging and appeal among drink lovers, another thing that distinguishes Blenders Pride from the crowd in whiskies under Rs. 1000 segment is its quite smooth, very fruity (almost peach cherry-like) goodness. The whisky has an extremely short finish that’s gone after a few seconds. An ideal thing when your tastebuds are enjoying a joyride between a spiced-up Tangdi Kebabs and fruity malt.

Royal Challenge

First introduced in 1980s the Royal Challenge brand has stood the test of time among other Indian whisky brands. While the whisky eventually lost its market leader status to the mighty Royal Stag, the brand is still popular in the country owing to its strong taste and a long, sweet finish. The whisky is best paired with spicey foods that warrant the sweet ending notes of Royal Challenge.

Signature Premium Whisky

The very subtle sweetness and fruity oakiness of Signature Premium Whisky with hints of caramel has made it a darling of Indian food and whisky lovers. The short ending and after taste of caramel softens the alcohol notes and make it an ideal pairing for both veg and non-veg Indian foods.

So, which one’s your favorite? Well, it doesn’t really matter. Whether you prefer the smoothness of an Imperial Blue or are a die-hard fan of fruitiness and smokey flavor of Royal Stag, pairing them with your favorite Indian food is not going to be a problem.

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