5 Boozy Desserts to Serve This Christmas

Remember Terry Jacks bidding adieu to his old friend? Winter comes to bid goodbye to the year gone by. The onset of winter takes us all on a trip down the memory lane. For some, winters speak of cosy family picnics in the sun, for some the season carries with it fond memories of lazy afternoons spent hunching over C. S Lewis’ tales from the faraway land. As a child, the magical realm of Narnia wowed a lot of us. Aslan’s majestic booming roar may have remained trapped within the pages of the book, we may have grown up a little too much to ever chance upon wardrobe to Narnia, but the arrival of Christmas calls for merry making. To add warmth to the year’s last grand festive feast, we bring to you can array of decadent desserts with a splash of whisky in it. Whip, bake, eat and indulge, for the holiday season is knocking at your door.


  1. Devil’s Delight

A silky smooth pudding makes for a dessert that’s luxuriant, indulgent, and delightful. Don’t let the name fool you for it is after all a velvety butterscotch pudding spiked with whisky. The best bet would be to go Jameson’s Irish Whiskey. Its fruit floral nose and vanilla cream aftertaste are a perfect match for the rich, decadent, creamy pudding.


  1. Hazelnut Madeleine with Whisky Caramel Sauce

The delicate mastery of French baking expresses itself in these tiny sea-shell shaped cakes, fondly called madeleines. Light as air, madeleines can win even sceptics over. Compliment your madeleines with roasted hazelnuts and a gorgeous, dark muscovado whisky caramel sauce that oozes sophistication at every bite. The best thing is, you can once more use Jameson’s Irish Whiskey for this dip, for Jameson’s unique smooth sweetness marries beautifully with the rich caramel sauce.


  1. Gingerbread Cake with Salted Whisky Caramel

The smell of freshly baking gingerbread cookies is what winter dreams are made up of. But, what if you could make a gingerbread cake and top it off with a whisky glaze? Too good to be true? We think not! A dense, rich, sweet gingerbread cake with a bit of pumpkin pie spice in it, cut into layers, frosted with cream cheese and drizzled with a whisky glaze is what we are talking of. For the whisky salted caramel, try using a combination of sea salt with a good quality scotch whisky. We’d go with The Glenlivet, for its beautiful nutty notes of hazelnut and orangey taste. 


  1. Whisky-Dark Chocolate Layer Cake

A perfect end to a scrumptious Christmas spread is what whisky-dark chocolate cakes sound like. And, they fit the bill. Soft layers of dense, dark chocolate cake frosted lovingly with generous dollops of silky chocolate ganache is not the endgame after all. Whisky infused chocolate ganache is. Try a good bourbon for the ganache, like a Jim Beam. The sweetness of the bourbon cuts through the bitterness of dark chocolate and its woody, oaky notes with hints of vanilla echo the subtler flavour of the cake, making it the star of the show that is a Christmas feast.


  1. Apple Cinnamon Roll with Whisky Glaze 

Cinnamon rolls should be rechristened comfort rolls already, don’t you agree? Soft, buttery, and sweet they are a perfect foil to leisure hours spent snoozing in the cosy winter sun. This winter, treat yourself (or your loved ones) to this delectable yet lightly boozy dessert. Whip up a whisky glaze with a nice bourbon to boot. Our pick would be Wild Turkey Bourbon, for its toffee-caramel nose with hints of vanilla, cinnamon, and spice.