4 Fresh DIY Perfumes with Whisky 

Whether you enjoy the unique feeling of drunkenness or not, the smell of quality liquor still manages to grab your attention. There are several amazing fragrances available, from the smoky-wood essence of a well-aged whisky to the juniper sharpness of some gin.

If you’re a cologne lover, make sure you don’t miss out on such exceptional notes and prevent regrets later. What’s even better, you can also make these colognes all by yourself, provided you have access to a handful of necessary ingredients such as whiskey and essential oils.

So, make sure you try making these simple whisky-infused fragrances as per your preferences. Unlike synthetic perfumes, they’re completely free from any toxins and chemicals, which also make them ideal for your body.

 1. Solid Perfume

 If you’re looking for a fragrance prone to spillage, making a solid perfume seems like a perfect idea. With just some nourishing oils like almond or coconut, paired with a whisky of your choice, you can make a solid perfume with ease.

 Take a saucepan with water poured in it and heat it over medium flame. Then, add two teaspoons of beeswax pellets with 15 ml of carrier oil kept in a glass bowl at the top of the saucepan. When the solution melts, add ten drops of whisky and 40-50 drops of essential oil.

 2. Roller Perfume

 Take a preferred nourishing oil like coconut or almond and add a few drops of lavender, lemon and whisky. Additionally, pour two-three drops of vetiver in a roll-on bottle and shake the solution. Now, the woody fragranced roller perfume is ready to be used right away.

 3. Floral Perfume

 Take an empty perfume bottle and fill it with 120 ml of coconut oil. Then, add 17 drops of a flower-based essential oil like blood orange using a dropper and pour 5 ml of whisky in the solution. Place the lid of the bottle and shake the mixture to make your floral scent.

 4. Fruity Perfume

 Take 11-12 ml of whisky in a glass bottle and pour a variety of essential oils one by one using a dropper. Ideally, you should pour 4 drops of orange, 5 of tangerine, 10 of lemon, 3 of neroli, and stir the mixture with the help of a glass rod. Let the solution sit idle for a few days before using it for pleasant results.

 The Takeaway

 Gone are the days when smelling like whisky used to be an intentional invite to problems. Nowadays, the fragrance of a savory spirit provides delight to every nose it enters. This makes whisky-infused perfumes a perfect match for cologne and whisky lovers.

 If you’re looking to smell good with your favorite spirits, you should consider making the aforementioned colognes at your home. They’re not only easy to make, but provide an amazing essence that’ll keep you fresh and lively throughout the day.