$35 Aldi Whisky Takes Top Prize

Whiskies that are a class part come with price tags that often puts us in a to buy, or not buy dilemma. The unspoken rule for anyone who has ever eaten out at an affluent restaurant on a pre-pay day budget is to order the cheapest on the list. The good news? A trip to the supermarket can now get you a little tipsy on a pretty low budget. The Highland Black 8 year old blended Aldi Scotch Whisky whisky is prodigious for its price. In fact, a bottle of Aldi whisky bagged the prestigious double gold at the Melbourne International Spirits Competition (MISC). Aldi has won a string of awards this year and the previous for their impressive repertory of liquors.

MISC, the first of its kind, is an international competitor in the pacific region to promote all commercially accessible spirits prepared around the world. The judging panel consists of restaurant owners, buyers, and distributors. Submissions factor in both quality and price. Now in its 22nd year, the competition judges over 1,300 submissions.

“Good body, nice color and soft finish” illustrates the bottle impeccably. Adam Levy, the founder and judge of the competition remarked that Aldi whisky received the Double Gold due to its price. If it had been $20 more expensive, it probably would have walked away with a silver medal. “To get the double gold award, it means the spirit is in the top 10% of the whole competition,” he said. While other cheaper beverages have grasped a lot of media attention lately, this brand beat some rivals to win a silver medal in May this year. This triumph was in the whisky category at the International Spirits Challenge, described as the “most authoritative” contest worldwide. It is the latest in the newest of cheap whisky scoring top prizes at international competitions.

As noted by Aldi spokesperson, “While we have the lowest prices in Australia, that doesn’t mean we skimp on quality. We have more than 500 award-winning products in the store every day and have won more customer satisfaction awards than any other supermarket.”

Whisky News source date: 
Monday, August 21, 2017