Douglas Laing & Company has proposed to build a £10 million whisky distillery in Glasgow, Scotland. The Clydeside Distillery and Bottling Complex, situated between the Hydro Arena and Riverside Museum should up and running by 2018. A ‘pump-house’ building is being transformed into the distillery. The plans for the distillery include a bar, a café, a tasting room, and a retail outlet.

The £10 million project is being aided by an £855,000 Scottish government grant. The project, currently in its construction phase, employs 300 workers. Post-completion, the distillery is supposed to generate employment opportunities for 25-40 people as permanent staff members.

Though the distillery would be up by the end of next year, their first single malt product is expected to be out in the market in 2021. The distillery plans to pipe in water from Loch Katrine, and use barley grown in Scottish farmlands for making their whisky, which will include Timorous Beastie, The King of Scots, and Old Particular.

The distillery is expected to open for public tours during autumn next year, in time for the tourist season, although the exact date of inauguration is yet to be announced. The tour will include a brief historical journey of the Pumphouse and its transformation, and turning Scotch into a global favourite.

Cara Laing, current director of Douglas Laing, was reported saying that their company had depended on third-party production centers over the years, and although those working associations continue to remain, they want to move onto production soon enough. The distillery would be the first step in their production venture.


Whisky News source date: 
Tuesday, August 8, 2017