Surprising Facts about 100 Pipers Blended Scotch Whisky

100 Pipers

The 100 Pipers brand is a successful global Scotch brand that first came onto the scene in 1965, and has risen to fame for its excellent quality. Created by two of the most prolific Master Blenders at the most historic Scotch whisky houses on the planet, it was a recipe for unmatched greatness.

The 100 Pipers blend is often credited with being the driving force for the popularity of Scotch whiskies in countries and markets far and wide. In most countries, a bottle of 100 Pipers can be found on pretty much every bar shelf at every club, restaurant and even home!

What makes 100 Pipers a behemoth in the Scotch whisky industry? Some say it is the undeniable supremacy of the product, while some are of the opinion that both the quality and the pricing make it irresistible. What can be said with certainty is that there is no other brand in its segment comes close to this one.

Are you a 100 Pipers loyalist like the millions of people worldwide that cannot seem to get enough of their favourite Scotch? Here is your chance to really get to know the True Legend of 100 Pipers, and some of the most surprising facts about the brand that you may have never known.

Have you ever wondered why the name 100 Pipers was chosen? The name was inspired by a Scottish ballad, the ballad of The Hundred Pipers which describes an uprising in 1745 led by one hundred bagpipers.

100 Pipers Fact

‘When you taste a good Scotch, you can hear a piper play but when you taste a truly extraordinary Scotch, you can hear a 100 Pipers play.’ This was the tagline for the brand many decades ago when it was first launched.

Did you know the 100 Pipers blend was created by the Chivas Brothers Master Blenders Alan Baillie and Jimmy Lang in 1965?

The 100 Pipers brand was only launched in the United States at first, eventually finding a worldwide release.

100 Pipers

The universal appeal of the 100 Pipers blend has been credited to its soft, mellow flavours of dried fruit, vanilla, smoke and gentle spice. This is what makes 100 Pipers so popular no matter the region, whether it is South America, or Asia.

100 Pipers is the only Scotch whisky brand to have sold more than 1 million cases of their product in India in a single year.

India consumes nearly 3.7 million cases of Scotch per year, and 100 Pipers makes up for more than 1 million cases by itself! Now we know why the brand is called a True Legend.

100 Pipers

Did you know how much time it took 100 Pipers to achieve this incredible feat? 100 Pipers became the most successful Scotch whisky brand in India within 24 years!

100 Pipers Deluxe blended Scotch whisky was first introduced in India in 1995. They have registered one of the fastest rises to prominence for a Scotch whisky brand worldwide.

Many experts consider the 100 Pipers blend to be among the smoothest Scotch whiskies in its category. The unprecedented success of the brand is testimony to the immense quality at a reasonable price

In India, the 100 Pipers blend is the first premium Scotch whisky experience for thousands of whisky drinkers. It is said that a 100 Pipers loyalist never really drinks anything else and we definitely agree!

100 Pipers

In fact, the 100 Pipers legend shares such a strong connection with India that it is one of the only two countries where 100 Pipers Scotch is bottled. The second being its home country, Scotland.

Not only is 100 Pipers the most successful Scotch whisky brand in India, but is also the second largest whisky brand in the entire Asian continent.

One of the biggest tourism hotspots of Asia, Thailand, is another place where 100 Pipers blended Scotch is the number one Scotch whisky.

The Alt A’Bhainne single malt is the fingerprint whisky for the 100 Pipers blend. This single malt is also one of the core components of the great Chivas Regal blend.

100 Pipers is very closely related to the house of Chivas Brothers, one of the most prestigious blended Scotch whisky makers to have ever been conceived.

100 Pipers won a Gold medal at The Asian Spirits Masters in 2014.

Last but not the least,, a website that ranks brands based on their brand value and stature in the market, ranked 100 Pipers at the 75th spot in 2011. More than 10,000 brands were reviewed and ranked as part of this exercise, and 100 Pipers was one of the strongest brands polled by the website.

The glowing list of achievements, honours and a historic legend really show how 100 Pipers has managed to become one of the world’s most valued and recognized Scotch whisky brands in such a short amount of time. There are many years to go and many more extraordinary feats for the 100 Pipers True Legend to capture.

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