10 Whisky Brands Owned by Celebrities

The ol’ whisky bug doesn’t discriminate, and whether it’s us, regular people, or some of the greatest celebrities that have ever lived, it bites them all. We may have always scoffed at the statement “The stars are just like us”, but maybe they really are?

Of course, a regular whisky lover like us would keep our love for the spirit limited to buying a few bottles at once, but when it comes to these guys, they take it further. A lot further by establishing their own whisky brands! Whether it’s Matthew McConaughey’s Longbranch Bourbon or Conor McGregor’s Proper 12 Irish whiskey, these are the celebrities that have taken their love for whisky to the next level.

You might end up being surprised at how many of these popular and not-so-popular whisky brands are owned by your favourite actors, musicians and athletes to name a few. Check out our list of celebrity-owned whisky and whiskey brands that are making the world stop and take notice.

Haig Club Whisky

Haig Club Whisky

Let’s face it. David Beckham could sell a comb to a bald man, but when he’s personally endorsing a whisky brand, it barely needs any convincing for anyone on the planet. This single grain whisky from Haig and carries no-age-statement but does carry the seal of approval of one of the most handsome men on the planet.

Surprisingly, David Beckham not only ended up endorsing the Haig Club whisky brand, but has also been welcomed with open arms as a business partner by the brand. This partnership was made even better as not only is David Beckham endorsing a whisky brand that he owns a part of, but is also known to particularly fond of Haig Club whisky. Talk about a dream come true?

Proper Twelve Irish Whiskey

Proper Twelve Whiskey

When he’s not throwing kicks and punches and, oddly enough, insults in and outside the ring, Connor McGregor is a guy that enjoys having fun. Being Irish, his love for whiskey and his idea of fun have always been the same, and who can blame the guy right?

While most of us express our love for whiskey by drinking it, McGregor went a step further by deciding he needs to distil it too! Proper 12 Irish whiskey is one of the newest brands on the market. It can be safe to say that Proper 12 won’t take too long before it gets popular all over the world. We can only imagine McGregor’s millions of fans taking bottles of Proper 12 Irish whiskey off the shelves within days!

Longbranch Bourbon Whiskey

Longbranch Bourbon Whiskey

When Bourbon brand Wild Turkey brought Matthew McConaughey into their company as Creative Director, a lot of us might have been compelled to think, “All right, all right, all right. There’s another marketing gimmick.” but instead it resulted in the launch of Longbranch Bourbon.

McConaughey ended up channelling his love for Bourbon to create one of his own with Wild Turkey Master Distiller Eddie Russel. McConaughey borrowed some inspiration from his roots to create Longbranch Bourbon, soaking it in mesquite wood from Texas. It took them over 80 different samples over a couple of years to finally figure they had found the recipe for Longbranch Bourbon and the rest, as they say, is history.

Virginia Black Bourbon whiskey

Virginia Black

Canadian rapper and actor, Drake, made a grand entry into the whiskey scene in 2016 with Virginia Black. Created in partnership with another American entrepreneur, Brent Hocking, Drake describes Virginia Black as a ‘decadent’ American whiskey. Now most rappers and musicians are known to gravitate towards champagne, vodka and even tequila, but not Drake.

This Bourbon is a blend of whiskeys of different ages, is known to be slightly heavier on Rye and is bottled into a crafty decanter that reinforces the brand’s positioning as a luxury whiskey. Drake is known to be very invested into his product, even going as far to create and star in advertisements for Virginia Black with his father. His efforts did manage to pay off, as the brand created a record in the Ontario province of Canada on the day of its release, selling over 1779 bottles.

Blackened Whiskey

Proper Twelve Whiskey

It isn’t quite common to associate one of the world’s most popular heavy metal bands as proprietors of a whiskey brand, but Metallica went ahead and did just that. Blackened whiskey was Metallica’s newest endeavour with former Maker’s Mark Master Distiller, the late Dave Pickerell and boy is it unique!

This is a whiskey that is created by blending together Bourbon and Rye whiskey, and that isn’t even the strangest thing about Blackened whiskey. The aging process for this whiskey involves playing Metallica’s music on subwoofers, on a really low-frequency in order to stimulate the molecules of the maturing spirit. Yeah, we know but the initial scoffing and dismissal of the technique didn’t stick after blind tastings and scientific tests proved there was quite the discernible difference. What’s more, Sweet Amber Distilling, owned by Metallica, has even applied for a patent on this technology.

Heaven’s Door Bourbon Whiskey

Heaven’s Door Bourbon Whiskey

He might be one of the most celebrated figures in the music industry, but clearly that wasn’t enough for Bob Dylan. In his mind, Dylan had plans to become an undeniable American icon in every way possible, and perhaps that’s what led him to launch his own range of whiskeys in 2018. Between his music, his effortless, indifferent charm and being the owner of a whiskey brand, Bob Dylan might possibly be the greatest man to have ever lived.

The Heaven’s Door line of whiskeys include three core expressions; a straight Tennessee Bourbon, a straight Rye whiskey, and a Double-Barrel whiskey. A limited edition 10-year-old Heaven’s Door straight Bourbon was also recently launched by the brand. While some would expect the mere association with Bob Dylan enough to make Heaven’s Door a success, but the brand has the product to back it up and has earned a few rave reviews too.

While there are a lot of celebrities invested in various kinds of alcoholic drinks, these are the ones that share the same love for whisky as us.