10 Wacky Whisky Cocktails That You'll Love or Hate

Whisky has come a long way from being just a gentleman’s drink. It’s time to move over a classic Scotch and soda, or Kentucky Straight Bourbon on the rocks. These quirky whisky cocktails will blow your mind. You’ll either love them, or hate them, but one glance at the names will make sure you never forget them.  So, if you’re daring enough to try wacky blends, here’s a list of 10 cocktails with whisky for you to explore:

Bacon Bourbon And Hazelnut Hot Chocolate

It may sound like Rachel’s trifle disaster of a whisky cocktail, but this quirky concoction brings together melted dark chocolate, frothy milk, and sugar with a shot (or as much as you like) of bourbon. Topped with roasted hazelnuts, and a crisp of bacon, it is a food lover’s delight, but only if you dare to take the plunge.

Bourbon Slush Punch

What’s there not to love in this drink? It has alcohol, it has punch, and it’s also a slush! It’s like the spirit of celebration channeled in a cocktail. It infuses semi-frozen lemon, orange, or any other citrusy concentrates with bourbon and some lemon zest for a spicy, tangy cocktail with a subtle kick to it. The drink has such a sharp tart bite to it, that it may give you tingling gums. You might even splash a bit of pickle juices if you’re feeling particularly adventurous.

Blackberry Smash

Who said apples and berries are only for your sangria? This summery cocktail doesn’t shy away from using gorgeous amounts of ripe blackberries along with heaping helpings of ripe plum, and raspberries with a hint of mint leaves, and some Cointreau with a good pour of Hudson’s bourbon. This classy cocktail could be your perfect summer drink with a twist, if you were looking for one.

The Fourth Down Whisky Cocktail

Who doesn’t love a good steak? And, what’s a good steak without some smoky, dark, and gorgeous steak sauce? Here is a unique cocktail that mixes a dash of hot Tobasco sauce, a splash of Montreal Steak sauce with the zing of lime, simple syrup, and whisky. Spiced, blended Scotch goes well in this drink. Try it, who knows it might just become your new favourite.

Cardamom-Vanilla-Citrus Bourbon

Vanilla is a versatile little darling. If you thought vanilla is only meant for baked goodies, you’re so mistaken. Take this drink, for example. With a bit of lemon, a few drops of lime juice, a hint of cardamom, and some fresh vanilla seeds taken off the pod, this drink brings out the best of bourbon in a simple cocktail. Classy, citrusy with a vanilla surprise, this drink is best suited for a post lunch summer siesta.

The Bacon Old Fashioned

This one requires a bit of elbow grease. Fry some bacon in a pan, and collect the bacon drippings. Strain the bacon fat into your bourbon. And let it infuse 6 long hours at room temperature. Now that your star is ready to set the stage on fire, mix in some maple syrup, Angostura bitters and pour over crushed ice and have fun.

Peanut n Cola Cocktail

A cheat’s shortcut to a healthy cocktail? Nah. This cocktail combines a peanut orgeat with Jack Daniels, and tops it off with some fizzy cola for that wacky cocktail you’ve been looking for all this while. If you’re feeling brave, and do not mind the loading up on calories, then just down a glass of this Peanut n Cola wonder.

Double Chocolate Bourbon Egg Cream

Is it a spiked egg nog? Is it a milkshake? Wait, it is a cocktail. The name’s a bit misleading, but the drink will surely have you asking for more. A combination of carbonated soda water, foamy milk, bourbon, and chocolate syrup, the drink has a fizzy, boozy yet thick, creamy taste. Sounds like fun, right?

The Hot Blooded

They say, it’s all in the name. And, so is the case for this drink here. If you like a kick in your cocktails, then this is the perfect one for you. The heat in The Hot Blooded comes from the spicy jalapeno, a chili pepper from Mexico. Yes, you read that right. Jalapeno in a whisky cocktail. With a dash of Agave syrup, blood orange juice, and loads of crushed ice this one makes for a ‘bloody’ good drink.  

Sriracha Hot Toddy

Another for the lovers of heat, here’s a twist on a classic Hot Toddy. Sriracha is the new ‘it’ sauce on the cooking scene. But, that’s not all Sriracha can be used for. How about Sriracha sauce in a whisky cocktail? With a dash of lemon juice to cut through the spiciness of the hot sauce, a little drizzle of honey, and of course, some whisky of your choice, this cocktail can heat you up on a cold, wintry day.

Go on a whisky cocktail adventure, and try some these eccentric but lovable cocktails the next time you go out for a drink.