10 things you did not know about Vodka


If you are a drink lover, you most likely think you know a lot about vodkas already. Like the difference between a double distilled and triple distilled vodka or the fact that it’s a Russian drink etc. But perhaps not, and maybe you are still in the dark about some of the more fun about this clear alcoholic beverage. So, to enlighten you, and help you brag among friends with liquor-related trivia, today we are sharing some interesting facts about vodka.

1. Vodka is the purest alcoholic beverage

Yes, distilled from ethanol and fermented grains, vodka contains very little fuselol, also known as fusel oils. Moreover, the carbon filtration process removes impurities from the final product, making Vodka the purest alcoholic beverage you have ever had.

2. Vodka doesn’t last forever

While you can always trust your bottle of Imperial Blue or Blenders Pride to taste the same after months, even years of storage, the same is not the case with Vodka. Vodka has a shelf-life and can go bad over time. That’s why you should drink your bottle of Absolut without losing time!

3. Vodka is lighter than water

We bet this one comes as a shocker, but yes. While you can expect a liter of water to weigh 1,000 grams, a liter of vodka only weighs 953 grams. Well, if anything this tidbit of information should lighten the load a bit when you are carrying a vodka bottle.

4. There’s a Vodka belt

The Eastern European Vodka Belt is thus named because vodka is the main source of commerce in those parts. Nordic countries, the Baltic States, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Poland make up the Vodka belt. Well, no surprises there!

5. A Vodka shot contains 100 calories

Although it seems cleaner than other liquors, vodka too has the standard 100 calorie per shot nutrition. However, we would advise against meeting your daily quota of 2,000 calories with the drink alone. For obvious reasons of course.

6. Vodka can be used to treat Poison Ivy

Even if you did know that vodka was known as a medicinal drink, you may not have known about this interesting fact about the drink. Vodka effectively washes away the pesky urushiol from the Poison Ivy plant. So, if you are the outdoorsy type, perhaps you should get a quarter vodka bottle for your backpack, just in case.

7. Vodka isn’t always flavorless

While it is generally marketed as a flavorless drink, different brands of vodkas often display different flavor notes of fragrance, texture and sweetness. In case, you find the flavorless disconcerting for your palate, you can even try some flavored Absolut variants that we find absolutely delightful.

8. Vodka can be made from almost anything

Despite what popular opinion about vodka being made from potatoes will have you believe; vodka can be made from pretty much anything. From grains, like wheat, rye, corn, rice, quinoa or sorghum to fruits like apples and strawberries, and even dairy products like milk and whey anything can be used to make vodka.

9. Chilled vodka tastes better

If you have ever wondered why the antagonist is always taking the vodka bottle out of a freezer, there’s your answer. Because vodka is naturally heated during distillation, refrigeration helps in easing its heat and you can taste the viscosity and richness of the spirit.

10. There’s a Vodka that costs $3.7 Million

A bottle of the Billionaire Vodka costs an eye-watering $3.75 million for a 5-liter decanter bedazzled with Swarovski crystals. The distillation process is top-secret, but we do now that the final product is filtered through crushed gems and diamonds. How about that?

Well, that concludes our trivia session about vodkas, but we do have one bonus piece. Did you know? The strongest liquor in the world, the Spirytus Rektyfikowany with 96% ABV is a variant of vodka. If you want to read more, do check out our list of the strongest liquors in the world.