10 most potent liquors of all time


With evolution of mankind, the celebratory traditions have gotten wilder and wilder. So much so that liquor blends of unbelievable potency came into existence. If you are a casual drinker who has only come across alcoholic beverages with 40-ish percent ABV, you are in for a ride. In this post, we are listing liquors with crazy-high alcohol content. The list includes whiskies, vodkas and rums potent enough to knock you out.

Spirytus – 96% ABV

This rectified spirit is often used as base for liqueurs and other infusions. It’s an ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin made in Poland. Officially named Spirytus Rektyfikowany (yeah, try pronouncing that) this liquor hits like a punch in the guts and leaves you feeling winded. It is the single most powerful alcoholic beverage in the world and quite fatal if consumed in quantity.

Everclear – 95% ABV

A step behind the Spirytus, the Everclear is a grain alcohol that was banned in the United States and Canada during different periods of time. Apart from containing one of the highest alcohol contents by volume, this drink is highly inflammable. The drink even held a place in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most potent liquor for a time.

Bruichladdich X4 Whiskey – 92% ABV

Taking the mantle of the strongest single malt whisky in the world, the Bruichladdich X4 Whiskey is made using a quadruple distillation method dating back to the 17th century. A BBC experiment used the whisky to fuel a sportscar and it went up to 100 miles an hour! That should tell you about the amazing power of this super powered whisky.

River Antoine Royale Grenadian Rum – 90% ABV

A potent rum that can even test Jack Sparrow’s drinking prowess, the River Antoine Royale Grenadian Rum is made in Grenada. It is distilled using an old-fashioned process involving fermented sugarcane juice. What’s more amazing? The locals drink this rum with a water chaser.

Pincer Vodka – 88.8% ABV

From here on we are going to see some more vodkas and rums. Pincer vodka is not only incredibly strong but also considered healthy by some. A shot of Pincer vodka is enough to get you drunk by the time you reach the end of this article. The drink unexpectedly has Scottish origins and contains milk thistle and elderflower (known for liver support).

Balkan Vodka – 88% ABV

Another potent liquor from the lands of the Dracula, the Balkan Vodka is available in over 20 countries. Its strength warrants thirteen different kinds of warning labels on the bottle itself. Needless to say, the vodka is consumed in extremely small quantities and always in a mix.

Sunset Rum – 84.5% ABV

Although named the Sunset Rum, it actually tastes like swallowing the sun. The bottle comes with a warning to repel drinkers from sipping it neat. It’s not without reason as well, the alcohol burn is so high that it can cause burns inside your mouth. The Sunset Rum is also the decorated receiver of the World Rum Award in the past.

Devil Springs Vodka – 80% ABV

Generally used in making fire shots in bars and as a base for vodka and juice cocktails, the Devil Springs Vodka is quite infamous for its punch. Devil Springs is distilled four times and can quickly make you go weak in the knees if you don’t drink responsibly.

Stroh Rum – 80% ABV

This Austrian rum is made from fermented molasses and usually mixed in tea or bakery items. Even Austrians drink it with a mixer, so beware of any stray thoughts about trying the Stroh neat. Fortunately, the distiller offers weaker variants as well for those who cannot handle its 80% ABV.

Absinthe (up to 85% ABV)

No discussion about the world’s strongest liquors is complete without mentioning this devilishly green spirit which has enticed drink lovers since inception. The drink gets its name from the wormwood bark (called artemisia absinthium in scientific terms) and has enough alcohol content to knockout the hardiest of drinkers. It’s also known for causing strong hallucinations!

Well, that concludes our list of world’s most potent liquors. Drink responsibly if you ever get a chance to try them, and for the meantime, keep faith in the trusty Royal Stags and Imperial Blues in your bar cabinet.

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