Whisky Sour

The – Cocktail Recipe

Much like the Old Fashioned, or the Manhattan, the Whiskey Sour is an enduring, and a classic Bourbon whiskey cocktail that dates back over a century and a half. With none of its appeal fading away even today, it is, without a doubt, a Bourbon cocktail that could be your new favourite drink.

Earliest mentions of the Whiskey Sour stretch back as far as 1870, and the International Bartenders Association has rewarded the Whiskey Sour with a place in their list of ‘Unforgettable Cocktails’.

Without any intricate preparation, astronomically priced ingredients and ready to be served in a matter of minutes, the Whiskey Sour cocktail recipe is for you no matter your experience behind, or in front of the bar.

For the base spirit, the Rabbit Hole Bourbon whiskey is the perfect choice for this whiskey cocktail. With zero Rye content, and Corn, malted Wheat, Honey malted Barley, and malted Barley, it is a smooth, richly flavoured drink that has the potential to turn an average Whiskey Sour into something truly divine!


  • Rabbit Hole small-batch Bourbon whiskey – 60 ML
  • Lime Juice – 20 ML
  • Sugar Syrup – 15 ML
  • Orange Slice – For Garnish
  • Maraschino Cherry – For Garnish

The Process

Step One:

Add the Rabbit Hole Bourbon whiskey, Lime juice and Sugar syrup into cocktail shaker. Add lots of ice to the container and shake well for a few seconds to produce a chilled, frothy mix.

Step Two:

Take an Old Fashioned glass filled with a large ice cube, and strain the mixture into the glass.

Step Three:

Garnish with an Orange slice, and a Maraschino Cherry. Enjoy the classic Whiskey Sour cocktail.

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