Whisky Smash using Blenders Pride [Whisky Smash with a Twist]

A closely related descendent of many a whisky cocktail, the Whisky Smash is a clever, slightly more tangy version of the Mint Julep and the Whisky Sour although it is a formidable drink in its own right.

The Whisky Smash is more reliant on citrusy flavours, and complements the whisky very well which was discovered by Dale DeGroff, a powerhouse in the bartending universe. It is the quintessential summer whisky cocktail, and takes a fraction of the amount of work that most cocktails do. Perfect for a summer evening house party, or even a backyard barbecue, the Whisky Smash is not bound by the constraints of quantity either as you can easily multiply the ingredients aplenty to make an entire pitcher or even a punchbowl for all the whisky lovers at your party.

Seeing as the drink was first created in New York, it uses Bourbon as the base spirit but the Whisky Smash works wonders with a quality whisky from any part of the world.

If you desire a whisky that checks the boxes of great taste, affordability and be as smooth as silk, Blenders Pride is your answer to turn the Whisky Smash into a Whisky Cooler with remarkable ease. As premium as Indian whiskies can get, this drink transcends market segments as effortlessly as it goes down when you drink it. This makes Blenders Pride a complete whisky that can be enjoyed no matter how you like to take your whisky!


  • Blenders Pride – 60 ML
  • Lemon Wedges – 3 Pieces
  • Mint Leaves – 4-5 Leaves and 1 sprig for garnish
  • Sugar Syrup – 15 ML

The Process

Step 1: Add the Lemon Wedges into a cocktail shaker and muddle them.

Step 2: Add the mint leaves, sugar syrup, and whisky. Shake the mixture.

Step 3: Strain the concoction into a Lowball glass with one large ice cube.

Step 4: Garnish with a sprig of mint leaves, and your Whisky Smash cocktail is ready to enjoy!