Whiskey, Tango and Ice Cream

A line of ice creams spiked with a hefty dose of liquor is a trend in the food and beverage industry that has recently taken off tremendously. Unsurprising, because who doesn’t love ice cream? Or booze? Surely, nothing packs a punch like the two put together in one heavenly scoop. Note that the ice cream in question is not merely flavored with alcohol, but actually contains an ABV (alcohol by volume) of a cocktail, so be sure to enjoy responsibly!

However, creating alcohol-infused ice cream is more than a simple matter of combining the ice cream and booze. Dunking ice cream into liquor only serves to create a melty puddle of mess. This is because alcohol has a much lower freezing point than ice cream, and doing so will not retain the creamy semi-solid texture of the frozen dessert we all love. In good news, a handful of wildly inventive pioneers have figured out a foolproof way to stabilize the alcohol in several innovative ways to give us a final product of sheer beauty. As a result, we now have a proliferation of ice cream ‘bars’ in the market, which provide you with the most blissful experience of eating ice cream while also getting buzzed. No wonder then, that it’s open only to those of above the legal drinking age.

The Process