Whiskey-Stout Chocolate Ice Cream Float

When you come across a recipe which has chocolate in it and ice cream too, you stop. You simply can’t scroll down without reading it. Then there are recipes which not only has both but whisky too. These are the ones you know you will bookmark and definitely make.

Whiskey-Stout Chocolate Ice Cream Float is one of those amazing recipes which is hassle free and hardly takes any time. If you think it is more of a summer cocktail than winter, think twice. Don’t you generally want a float with or after a heavy brunch? Don’t you crave a float anyway at times? We are all too tired of the classic cola float by now. Trust us, you are not going to regret this. Because it has beer, it helps you wash down the food that you are eating, and in case you are not eating, the ice-cream will fill you up for a good while.

While you get to decide the stout beer, we recommend you put Old Scout bourbon to make this dessert cocktail as awesome as it should.

The Process

Take a tall glass or a pitcher and drizzle copious amounts of chocolate syrup around it. Add three big scoops of ice-cream – roasted almond, chocolate, and anything which has coffee in it. Pour half a cup of whisky on it and leave it for five minutes before adding half a cup of stout beer on top.

It might be hard but wait for a little while, watch the beer and whisky mix without you having to make an effort to blend them together. Whiskey-Stout Chocolate Ice Cream Float tastes as good as it looks. Take a good picture for your social media profile and let people know only after you have finished off the first glass!