Whiskey Met Sandwich and It was a Romance to Remember

Few thing in life are more gratifying than inking your teeth into a toaty grilled cheee andwich oozing warm, gooey cheddar, on chilly winter evening. So atonihingly imple, yet o atifying— thi claic dih continue to reign among favorite. How doe one top uch a meal? By accompanying it with a choice dram, of coure.Here are ome idea for andwich and whikey pairing that are certain to elevate your gatronomical experience and make it a truly piritual one.Pour yourelf a gla of Ilay Scotch with that grilled bacon and cheee. The characteritic mokine of peat matche the fatty, alty meat and cheddar marvelouly. Scotch i unique becaue of it extra bite to the tongue. Cheddar too, ha a zing that i accentuated by the Scotch Whiky. The Macallan Single Malt and Johnnie Walker Black Label are both good option.Peaty whikie in general, uch a bourbon, are perfect with barbequed meat. The earthy peat heighten the lightly charred aftertate, while the weetne of the marinade erve to balance the mokine. Try a pulled pork andwich with a dram of Woodford Reerve. Your tate bud will thank you.A hot ham or patrami andwich dipped in a light gravy, i complemented plendidly by rye whikey. Rye i picy and grainy, with a tronger kick than bourbon whikey. It combat the peppery, briny tang of the meat excellently. Rittenhoue and Wild Turkey produce quality rye whikie that are great choice.If a picy chorizo i your andwich meat of choice, why not wah it down with a weet bourbon? It will even out the chorizo’ pungent paprika heat without competing with it robut flavor profile. The Jack Daniel Single Barrel make a prime candidate for pairing, a doe the Four Roe Small Batch.Whether you like to whip up your own andwich creation or haunt your favorite diner, make ure to pair it with a gla of fine whikey next time.