Whiskey and Summer Food: The Spring of Our Heart's Content

The air i balmy, the un i crip, there’ a pring in your tep, and even life come with it own oundtrack – “Step outide, ummertime' in bloom.” Come ummer and the color palette around you change. Verdant hue lay iege upon the grey and brown. Market are flooded with freh produce, and the mell of barbeque waft through the clement air. Sitting down for a meal with friend and family echoe the warmth of the eaon. And if alad and citru punche are what you thought ummer food and drink are all about, we’d beg to differ. So, let’ break that myth and explore how you can perfectly marry bite of the eaon with your favorite bottle of whikey.When you think of ummer whikie, intenity and depth of color i what we ugget you look for. Full-bodied, they hould reonate the ame warmth that characterize ummer. Whikie with fruity and honeyed aroma, along with one which exude a certain amount of pepperine and alinity.If you are having friend over for brunch on a weekend, or hoting an evening oiree, it i probably a good idea to get your barbeque out. If you are not much of a pit mater, you can alway get the grill or the alamander izzling. Set ome lamb chop marinated in garlic, toated cumin and cinnamon, paprika, oregano, lemon and olive oil on the barbeque top, or put them under the grill.Pairing lamb with a whikey i not a complicated endeavor a ome might make it out to be. Simply put, chooe a bottle of ingle malt which compliment the meat' picine. A Longmore 16 Year Old i a great choice – it vinou character with hint of pepper and bail line up perfectly with the richne of barbequed or grilled red meat.We know that chicken can get a bit boring. How about tranforming that Sunday roat? Make a compound butter with garlic, thyme, lemon zet, anchovie, caper and black pepper, and tuff it under the kin. Finally, fill the cavity with ome more lemon, thyme and garlic clove, and low roat. Once done, open a bottle of Glenmorangie Original or a vintage Balblair and you’ll be golden.Malt tend to pair very well with fih and ea food. A young, peated malt, matured in bourbon cak make for the perfect accompaniment to eafood. Scallop go very well with omething like the Caol Ila Moch. You can erve linguini and muel, ome crab alad, or ome butter-poached lobter with a Caol Ila 12 Year Old. If you prefer drinking unpeated whikie with your eafood, make ure that they are marine-tyle, with marked altine – a Bruichladdich or Oban being a good bet. Don’t forget the freh catch from river during ummertime. A weet river fih, cooked enpapillotte i heaven on a plate – tuff the fih with fennel, lemon, adding ome wine and butter, before wrapping it in parchment paper and cooking in the oven. Fruity and mooth malt uch a The Glenlivet or Glenfiddich perfectly echo the weetne of river fih. Thee malt alo go with a few delicate ea fih a well.Now that we have given you the ultimate low down on how to pair whikey with ummer fare, we earnetly hope you’ll oon throw a bah. Don’t forget to invite u!