When Pate is Passé: Try Some Offal With Whiskey

If you are mad about meat and like a dram for dinner, chance are you are a teak junkie. It’ no ecret that whikey goe well with a prime cut, done up crip or left bloody. But, here’ the thing – it’ not jut a hank or belly that couple jut right with a gla of rich bourbon or cotch. Offal are jut a worthy.The Sicilian cook a mean tew with eaonal vegetable and veal tripe, lowly braied from the crack of dawn and old a regular treet fare. The little pepper, olive oil and lemon eaoning add the adequate zing you need to pair it with a meaure of Kilbeggan 8 Year Old. The young Irih ingle grain exude creamy cereal and white chocolate, finihing hort with ome trace of toffee and butter. Although the pairing might eem counterintuitive, and unlike pairing wine which aim for familiarity, whikey thrive on contrat which i exactly what thi match offer up.Pate i paé, but that houldn’t be caue enough to ignore the humble liver. The only problem i, the organ leave a very trong aftertate which end up ubtracting from an otherwie pleaant experience. A gra-fed lamb’ liver or for that matter, chicken liver, pan fried with white onion, vinegar, tarragon, pepper make a great prelude to a gla of Templeton Rye. Capone’ drink of choice – orange, allpice and buttercotch dominate the pallet. Even at 4 year of age, the wood i palpable in every ip and compliment the earthy creamine of the liver.The hardet-to-reach place hold the mot coveted treaure and bone marrow i a fitting example in that regard. Try it a jut an appetizer or a the main coure, the buttery texture and the ubtle umami i exceedingly more ublime than a cut of Kobe cooked to perfection. Diced marrow even make an excellent ingredient in a alad or roat platter. The Monkey Shoulder Blended Scotch make for affable company. Combining ingle malt from Glenfiddich, Balvenie and Kininvie, the deeply oaky profile i intercut with trong note of dried apricot and honey offer a weet counterpoint for the marrow’ nuttine.