Whisky Banana Foster

The Banana Foster is a lasting legacy, steeped in the history of New Orleans, Louisiana. This wondrous city was the major port of entry for bananas, once considered an exotic fruit of Central and South America. Owen Brennan, the owner of the hugely popular Brennan’s restaurant in New Orleans saw an opportunity to intrigue his patrons with this seemingly new fruit.

A splash of the right liquor can truly transform this decadence. And what better than whisky to flame the fruit and extract the balance the sweetness! Whisky in a dessert needn’t be a tricky affair. Scotch whisky with its mild peat can be a good choice for Bananas Foster as it pairs well with desserts that include vanilla, cinnamon, etc. Bourbon can work well to flame and drench this fruit as much. With a fair bit of intuition, an understanding of aromatics and flavours, you can complement the dessert.

Give it a shot by trying this simple recipe with a delicious twist.


  • 2 – 3 under-ripe bananas
  • 2 tablespoons unsalted butter at room temperature
  • 1 tablespoon banana liqueur
  • ¼ cup dark brown sugar
  • ¼ cup whisky of your choice
  • ½ teaspoon grated nutmeg

The Process

Quarter the bananas or slice them lengthwise and arrange them in a heavy and large skillet.

Add the butter, brown sugar, freshly grated nutmeg and the banana liqueur on medium – high heat.

Let the butter melt and the sugar dissolve to combine into a gorgeous glazed sauce.

Once done, spoon the sauce to soak them in it and flip the bananas in a minute.

Remove the pan from heat, as the sauce thickens and pour the whisky to it.

Very carefully ignite to flame the mix and continue cooking until the flames subside.

Serve it immediately with your favourite cake, ice-cream, waffles or even crepes.

These flaming bananas with all their whisky goodness are sure to set your tastebuds on fire.


New Orleans is known for quite a few things – Mardi Gras, jazz, and voodoo come to mind the moment you breathe in the city’s salty air. As the last upholder of French colonialism that existed in America, the Crescent City is a cultural melting pot, combining and refining its very own brand of epicurean endeavour. Although Sazerac is the city’s most well-known contribution to the hallowed halls of mixology, it often ends up eclipsing some of the more potent concoctions in its repertoire. Named after the oldest neighbourhood of New Orleans, the Vieux Carré’s paternity has been widely debated by connoisseurs and aficionados alike. Most sources claim the cocktail’s place of origin to be the famous Hotel Monteleone – a family owned establishment located at the east end of the French Quarter, immortalized in the works of Faulkner, Hemingway, and Tennessee Williams. At the Carousel Bar which Capote used to claim as his birthplace, barkeep Walter Bergeron dreamed of capturing the city’s spirit in a glass. To this effect, he decided to marry the best of the Old World and the New, creating a short, slow sipper which goes down smooth but hits hard.

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A Sip of Bliss: Kentucky Coffee with Bourbon and Honey

Are you looking for a way to spice up your dull winter days? Or wanting to escape from the humdrum of life? A cup of Joe with a good old American twist is your saviour that is guaranteed to add a zest and vigour to your being.The name of the coffee says it all and you are not wrong in assuming that it consists of coffee and bourbon. Simplicity is the key in creating this true masterpiece. With Irish cream and Spanish Coffee dominating the scene, America’s old school favourite bourbon whiskey is often ignored as an ingredient. A dash of honey liqueur with its sweetness and bourbon adds a new dimension to your mugs of insipid coffee.There is no better match than the combination of Wild Turkey Bourbon and the brand's honey liqueur. The sweetness and the flavour is brought up subtly which is why this version of coffee is a hit among whiskey lovers. The key to your success lies in preparing a thick and rich coffee. Use a freshly ground dark roasted beans on a French pressIf you are more of a curious soul and looking for ways to experiment, its best to choose one that has a similar flavor and quality. Knob Creek and Dry Fly Bourbon 101 can be the best alternative.

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Delicious Smoke Bombs: Pairing Peat Whiskey with Food

It take time to appreciate, but then if you do, you cannot really imagine ipping your whikey without expecting ome peat. If you have not acquired the tate yet, give it a little time. And pairing up your dram of peaty delight with the right kind of food uplift the experience manifold. Many would argue that it in’t neceary to have a tarter with whikey or cotch. But then, when your ip i paired with the perfect food, you may not want to argue about it, rather gulp it down. The tate of peat varie from ulphuric, herbal, moky, nutty, aline, creamy, to medicinal, citru, and oapy. Hence, it get tricky at time to chooe the mot uplifting flavor in your food dihe to compliment the peat.When your drink ha enough peat, garlic and roemary flavored lamb i a great combination. It i one of the perfect way to compliment the mokine of the peat. Add a little bit of cruhed black pepper to your lamb for that required kick. A careful election of pice i neceary becaue an overdoe will not go down well with a peat.Whiky and cheee i a combination that can hardly go wrong, no matter how trong the peated whikey i. Look no further than pairing ome Scottih hard cheee with omething like a Glen Garioch. If you are a lover of creamy cheee, ome Smoked Applewood goe perfectly well with the moky Lagavulin 16.Sea food i a preferred choice with whikey and almon pair extremely well with the mokine of peat. Try ome almon prepared with the zet of a lime, honey and orange juice. The weet and our almon, when conumed with a peaty whikey, offer a complex of tate experience of acidity, mokine, and weetneWhat about deert, you may ak in the end. Cloe your eye and reach for ome chocolate, we ay. Dark chocolate i the mot amazing combination with peat. Hence, a dark chocolate cake mut be on the table to finih the meal with. Now ruh to your bar cloet, open a bottle of peaty goodne and tart jotling in the kitchen.

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