Sinful Morsels: How to Make Chocolate Whiskey Truffles

Some matches are made in heaven. And, if it’s about finding one that does justice to your appetite, then it has to be whiskey and chocolate. Meld them to their extremes, or just let them play along – your taste buds will thank the heavens, for sure. In case, if you still aren’t sold on this, it’s time to pop in some chocolate whiskey truffles!

These sinful morsels are akin to irresistible temptations. A boozy truffle suavely cuts through the lushness of cream and chocolate. Pack in an extra punch of dark chocolate ganache and it will sensuously coat your tongue just like a wooly stole hugging your body on a chilly evening.


  • 350 g finely-chopped bittersweet chocolate (60-70% cacao)
  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 2 tbsp good quality whiskey
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
  • For the rolling:
  • Cocoa powder (preferably unsweetened)
  • Finely-chopped pecans
  • Shredded coconut

The Process

Start with placing the chopped chocolate in a large mixing bowl. Keep it aside.

Slowly blend the cream, whiskey and vanilla in a separate bowl, until the mixture gets properly whisked. Now decant the mixture into a medium-sized pot and gradually simmer on medium heat. Remember, the creamy mixture will steadily foam up, or start bubbling. In order to avoid boiling, tweak the heat, as and when required. Use a heatproof spatula and consistently stir the mixture for about two minutes. Once done, remove the pot from the burner and gently pour the mixture over the chocolate.

Continue whisking the mixture, until the chocolate completely melts and provides a shiny and smooth texture. Now, freeze it for almost an hour, in order to cool down the ganache.

Use a melon baller or a cookie scoop, and cleanly scoop up the ganache into small portions. Once done, roll them between your fingers to form balls, about 3 or 4 inches in diameter.

Now, gently roll all the truffles in chopped pecans or shredded coconut and cocoa powder.

Your truffles are ready. Go ahead and grab one!