Scotch Mist, the Femme Fatale’s Poison

While the non-discerning drinker is more likely to be familiar with the lexical meaning of ‘Scotch Mist’, the connoisseur’s mind will immediately conjure up an image of the svelte Lauren Bacall. The drink made its Hollywood debut in 1946 in Howard Hawks’s masterpiece – The Big Sleep. Incidentally, that was also the first adaptation of the Raymond Chandler page turner for the silver screen.

Although, the image of the stoic and perpetually smoking Humphrey Bogart is etched in the minds of most cinephiles, whiskey lovers will remember the femme fatale Vivian Rutledge ordering a Scotch Mist. Interestingly, the origins of the drink are shrouded in mystery, despite being associated with Philip Marlowe.


  • The drink is a variation on the celebrated scotch on the rocks combination. Served usually in a low ball glass that allows you to relish the heady aroma of scotch with every sip, it truly is a drink for all seasons.
  • The lemon adds a delightful and refreshing zing to the concoction. Remember to pack the glass with ice, after all it’s not christened ‘mist’ for nothing.

The Process

Mix your own Scotch MistTake a chilled low ball or rock glass and fill it with crushed ice. Pour 60 ml of Scotch, a Dewar's Scratched Cask or The Black Grouse will be an excellent choice. Take a sliver of lemon and twist it so that the juice falls into the glass. Conclude by dropping the peel in the mix and serve the drink with a straw.

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A Sip of Bliss: Kentucky Coffee with Bourbon and Honey

Are you looking for a way to spice up your dull winter days? Or wanting to escape from the humdrum of life? A cup of Joe with a good old American twist is your saviour that is guaranteed to add a zest and vigour to your being.The name of the coffee says it all and you are not wrong in assuming that it consists of coffee and bourbon. Simplicity is the key in creating this true masterpiece. With Irish cream and Spanish Coffee dominating the scene, America’s old school favourite bourbon whiskey is often ignored as an ingredient. A dash of honey liqueur with its sweetness and bourbon adds a new dimension to your mugs of insipid coffee.There is no better match than the combination of Wild Turkey Bourbon and the brand's honey liqueur. The sweetness and the flavour is brought up subtly which is why this version of coffee is a hit among whiskey lovers. The key to your success lies in preparing a thick and rich coffee. Use a freshly ground dark roasted beans on a French pressIf you are more of a curious soul and looking for ways to experiment, its best to choose one that has a similar flavor and quality. Knob Creek and Dry Fly Bourbon 101 can be the best alternative.

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Baileys Eggnog Cocktail

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