Grilled Fruit with Bourbon Glaze

If you enjoy gourmet cooking with fresh produce, you may want to extend your culinary pursuits to grilling an array of fruit for dessert. Spike it with a shot of whisky, and the results are even more phenomenal. Pairing the right whisky with a fruit-based dessert can even help draw its natural sweetness.

Bourbon is a versatile spirit. Its inherent sweetness and hints of caramel, is a perfect complement for desserts. Aged in charred oak barrels, the bourbon’s characteristics of vanilla, caramel, and rich buttery flavour, makes it perfect for fruits such as apples, peaches, plums and pineapple. When grilled and basted with bourbon, it makes for a great accompaniment with meat-based meals.

Some bourbons have a smooth, sweeter profile, whilst others are more on the spicy note. The sweeter ones of good quality brands would go better with your desserts. Toss your favourite fruit on the grill with our easy recipe we share here.


  • Assorted fruits of your choice (Pineapples, peaches, plums etc.)
  • ¼ cup bourbon
  • ½ cup water
  • 2 cups tightly packed light brown sugar
  • 2 sticks room temperature butter
  • Juice of 2 lemons

The Process

Slice the fruits into halves to serve a few portions per person. Heat a saucepan and pour the bourbon into it. Simmer till it burns off. Add the brown sugar, butter, water, and lemon juice to the pan.

Whisk the mix as it comes to a boil for the sugar to dissolve. Simmer for 5 minutes and let it cool, so the glaze thickens. Slather the glaze over the fruit.

Spray the grill rack with non-stick spray and put the fruits on the grill. Flip them as you see the gorgeous grill marks adorn the fruits. Keep basting the fruits and grill them until they are nicely caramelised, for around 5 minutes or so.

Transfer the fruits to serve on a plate. Drizzle with more glaze as needed. Serve this warm, marvellous dessert with some of your favourite ice cream.