Tyrconnell 10 Year Old Single Malt Meets The Crème Brûlée

Pot-dinner indulgence can take everal direction – you can travere a more retrained route with a conventional, ugary deert, or round off the hearty meal with a gla of whikey.Or, you can even intertwine the two for a rewarding – if unuual – nightcap.Deert and whikie have alway made a harmoniou marriage. From pie and cupcake, to entire book written on the perfect whikey-caramel auce – a dah of liquor add a layer of complexity to the richne of dark chocolate and the notalgia of liced apple – bringing out the bet of both world: the highlight of age coupled with the joy of childhood.That’ preciely the charm of a deert-whikey pairing.The bold ilhouette of each complementing the other in perfect concord, the bitterweet alcohol i an ideal companion to traditional weet – like the crème brûlée. A crème brûlée come with a volley of daunting aociation – notoriouly difficult to make, the thickne of it ugary crut and a barely-et texture intill fear in the heart of many mater home-cook.So, hould you puh the boundarie with a rebelliou helping of alcohol on the ide?The crème brûlée i known for it nuanced flavor profile, with a harp, ugary prig emerging from it caramel envelope. Hence, pairing it with medium-to-light whikie prove particularly effective. Lighter blend like the Chiva Regal 12 Year Old can be overwhelmed and puhed aide on the palate. On the other hand, the peaty oiline of Johnnie Walker Double Black i too contentiou for a light, creamy combination.Expert, connoieur, and dicerning amateur alike eem to prefer a floral concoction.Tyrconnell 10-Year-Old Single Malt Madeira i a mellow Irih whikey with 46% ABV and a pronounced floral note – evoking an almot wine-like preence (it’ flair for food-pairing i no urprie). With a clear yet bold aroma, Tyrconnell begin with a refined balance – letting the frehly-burnt warmth of caramel waft through. On the palate, the Single Malt hit all the right note.A highland touch, akin to chocolate-roated almond, play with the light bitterne in the toated ugar. A creamy uggetion of honey reflect the deert’ delicately firm body, and a hint almot-tark weetne (like ribbon-candy) carrie the ubtlety of the brûlée one tep further. With a finih that’ ‘oft and weet’ thi whikey aged in Madeira wine cak evoke a ene of ophitication – reminicent of the archetypal crème brûlée.Good thing, they ay, often come in mall package. At your next dinner party, then, why not helve the familiar long-neck, and bring out it more petite couin intead?