The Twelve Mile Limit

The Twelve Mile Limit cocktail is one of the iconic and favoured cocktails that sprang from the Prohibition-era of the USA. Interestingly, this potent cocktail took its name after the very U.S. Law that banned the consumption of alcohol for up to a dozen miles off its shores.

During the period of Prohibition, a territorial limit of up to three miles around the water area of the country was claimed by the United States, which is as far as a cannon could fire. This led to the introduction of the Three Mile Limit cocktail. It seems only fitting that with the extension of the boundary to twelve miles, the Twelve Mile Limit cocktail was born in response. While there are many cocktails as a consequence to Repeal Day during the Prohibition-era, the Twelve Mile Limit is an especially unique cocktail, as it derives its name from a specific aspect of the Prohibition.

This cocktail that is very much inspired by the laws in the Prohibition-era, taunts the system with its grand composition of rye whiskey, brandy, rum, lemon juice and grenadine. The mix is especially zesty and packs a punch.

If you have a penchant for brown liquors, this cocktail with a bold hit of flavoura is sure to entice you. With a colourful history behind it, Twelve Mile Limit is a fantastic cocktail to celebrate Repeal Day.

The Process

Top an old-fashioned glass with water and ice, and leave aside to chill. Measure and add in 30ml silver rum, 15ml rye whiskey and 15ml brandy along with freshly squeezed lemon juice, grenadine and a scoopful ice in a cocktail shaker. If possible, use Cognac and home-made grenadine for a superior flavour. Cap and shake thoroughly. Empty the mix into the old-fashioned glass which is chilled by now. Add large ice-cubes. Garnish and rim the glass with a twist of lemon peel. You are good to go!

Make your own little Triple Whammy at home. This classic cocktail which shares similarities with the modern Long Island Iced Tea, an infamous cocktail that effectively eases all kinds of stress! So go ahead and channel your creativity even further.