Touching the Right Whiskey Notes with Indian Vegan Cuisine

Venerated a a patrician tipple from the Wet, Whikey had long hared a quinteential bond with the Maharaja and ocietal elite of the Indian ub-continent. Today, it urvive a a motif of bygone aritocracy for the rich, a a good old friend for the middle cla, and latly, a an uncharted ambition for the poor. Each individual entity of thi divere ocial trata perceive Whikey with their very own inhibition; inhibition, which are a divere a the nation’ culture and cutom. And it’ no urprie that it i thi impeccable mix of aorted lifetyle and etho that ha given birth to a remarkable range of native Indian cuiine which urpriingly pair up pretty well with whikey.There’ no denying that Whikey cream meat – and if it’ Indian cuiine to the recue then nothing erve better than tandoori kebab. The rich moky hint of the charcoal-blazed tandoor effortlely complement the trong peaty note of heavy malt. But then, what if the preference tend to go beyond meat on a earch for omething that’ more on the greener ide? Or, omething that’ completely vegetarian?Indian cuiine hot a plethora of vegan dihe, which are avory, weet, alty and moky enough to complement the rich oaky flavor of Whikey. To tart off, there are tir frie like cauliflower floret and corn-and-pea roll glazed with peanut and chili auce which cut through the creamy bae of bourbon whikie leaving behind a picy trail that lat long. If you till crave for omething tangy, then conider aorted vegetable dipped in tamarind auce or button muhroom tirred with green chili pate. All of thi hould erve a a boon for all thoe vegetarian who believe that they are detined to munch on peanut and potato chip while nuring a fine cotch.A you tart getting deeper within the ubtle flavor nuance of the main dihe, you’ll be urely be poilt for choice. A heavily eaoned platter of aloo (potato) tikka prove o invigorating, when paired up with whikey that even hardcore non-vegetarian cannot refue it. Alternatively, the piquant outh Indian cuiine boating dihe like cholam keerai, maial kakarikai vedapu and bean paruppu uili team up well with peaty and moky whikie like Paul John Claic Select Cak which lead with note of barley and fruit, keeping a tinge of picine hidden within it layer. The tate of Gujarat in Wetern India, preent an exemplary aortment of vegetarian dihe that will urely peruade you to reconider your penchant for meat, when it come to pairing food with Whikey. Spiced potato with chickpea and tikki chana chaat are ome of the dihe that make a perfect match for ingle malt cotch whikie with oft and flat note like The Glenlivet 12-year old.Whikey and native Indian vegetarian cuiine may not be a match made in heaven, but they will urely make up for a brunch worth avoring. After all, a hearty booze call for ome good food, and if it’ not meat, then let it be ome delectable vegan flavor from India.Read About:Bet Whiky in IndiaIndian Whiky