Toast Your Health with Amber Moon

The Amber Moon cocktail has been around for a long time. Back in the 1800s, cracking raw eggs into alcohol was considered a ‘miner’s breakfast’. The burning sensation left after having whisky was soothed by drinking beer with raw eggs. In Amber Moon, eggs and whisky are combined and the whisky cocktail becomes a healthy drink that can cure a hangover.

Even though its origins are uncertain, it has been referenced in popular culture for almost a century. It has appeared in several shows, such as Cocktail, The Addams Family Values, Cabaret, and Cowboy Bebop. In the movie adaptation of Agatha Christie’s crime thriller, The Murder of the Orient Express, Amber Moon was served as a breakfast drink to the man who turned out to be dead.

Despite its popularity, this cocktail has a selective audience. While some may wince knowing that its ingredients are egg, whisky, and tabasco sauce, others may consider it to be a boon for fitness enthusiasts. A protein-packed drink with minimal calories, Amber Moon can make for a good addition to your morning meal. It has a generous hit of tabasco which gives the drink a taste boost. A nice and distinct peated whisky adds in the right intoxicant you need to brighten your day. We recommend concocting this drink with Scapa Glansa, Lagavulin 16 year old, or The Glenlivet 12 year old.

The Process

Nothing can be easier that cracking an egg in a highball glass, pour in 89 ml of whisky and add a dash of tabasco, depending on how spicy you like your cocktail. You will only need to ensure that while gently stirring the drink, the yolk remains intact and does not get mixed in the clear liquid mixture. Serve at room temperature and enjoy with a like-minded group of friends.