The Godfather Cocktail with Blenders Pride Reserve Collection

If you’re looking for the perfect drink for the end of the day when you fancy something that takes not more than a minute to assemble, but would have you savouring it for a considerable amount of time, look no further.

The Godfather is the ultimate whisky cocktail that belongs on two polar ends of the spectrum of difficulty and delectable. For a seasoned cocktail lover with no patience to spare, this whisky cocktail is the go-to choice.

It was a particular favourite of Marlon Brando as claimed by many sources, and the name is inspired by one of Brando’s most iconic roles in the 1972 film The Godfather.

Scotch whisky is usually employed as the base spirit for The Godfather, but it isn’t absolutely necessary. All you need is an incredibly smooth whisky that blends well with the Amaretto, an Italian liqueur and you’re all set.

To transform The Godfather into The Indian Godfather, you can easily substitute the Scotch with Blenders Pride Reserve Collection. Blended to perfection in India, and matured in Oak barrels using the Solera Process, it is the ultimate substitute that doesn’t require you to break the bank for good taste.


  • Blenders Pride Reserve Collection – 60 ML
  • Disaronno Amaretto – 15 ML

The Process

Step 1: Add ice cubes, Blenders Pride Reserve Collection whisky and Amaretto to a cocktail shaker. You can tinker with the ratio of whisky and Amaretto depending on your preferences but it would be advisable to not exceed a 1:1 balance.

Step 2: Stir the mixture with a bar spoon until it is ice cold.

Step 3: Strain the mixture into a Lowball glass filled with one large ice cube. Your Indian Godfather is ready to be served.