You may have been saved from terrible hangovers if you have always followed the “liquor before beer” advice. But, then you have inevitably missed out on some of the best bomb shots. For all the risk takers out there, here’s a tip: try the Irish Car Bomb. The Irish Car Bomb, unlike any other cocktail, is a drink that welcomes you with a split reputation dictated by nationality entirely. This bomb usually comprises a shot of Irish whiskey, Bailey’s Irish Cream or Kahlúa added to it, dropped into or served alongside a pint of Guinness. The ingredients are simple and easily available. Although the term “Irish” refers to the varieties of the Irish alcohol recipes, this is an American drink that was named in reference to the car bombings that occurred during the Troubles in Ireland. So do not order this drink in Ireland, lest you get thrown out of the pub!


  • Guinness stout – 3/4th pint
  • Bailey’s Irish cream – 30ml
  • Jameson Irish whiskey – 30ml shot

The Process

Pour the Guinness stout in a beer mug or pint glass and let it settle. Pour the Bailey’s Irish cream in a shot glass and top it up with the Jameson. When you’re ready to chug the drink, drop your shot glass into the beer mug and knock it back immediately. Be sure to finish off the drink quickly or it will curdle and taste worse over time.