Soda Highball with Royal Stag

Perhaps the simplest, and the most no-nonsense whiskey cocktail to have ever been invented, the Soda Highball is the perfect example of ‘why fix what isn’t broken?’

Minimal as can be, the Soda Highball is a favourite among seasoned whisky lovers looking to spice things up for a special occasion without compromising the sanctity of their beloved whisky.

The origins of the Soda Highball whisky cocktail can be traced back to the most commonly used mixer with Scotch whisky, forming the two-part legend in the whisky world simply known as ‘Scotch and Soda’. But it wasn’t just Scotch that could be enjoyed by adding a generous splash of soda, ice and perhaps a cherry for garnish.

For a more suitable substitute, you need to look no further than one of India’s most revolutionary and bestselling whisky brands, Royal Stag. A blend of imported Scotch malts with fine Indian grain spirits and no artificial colouring whatsoever, Royal Stag is the quintessential Indian whisky for the whisky drinker who loves a smooth drink that packs a punch.


  • Royal Stag Deluxe whisky – 60 ML
  • Soda – 150 ML
  • Ice
  • Cherry – For Garnish

The Process

Step 1: Add loads of ice to a Highball glass, and add the Royal Stag whisky.

Step 2: Pour the soda into the glass until it is almost full. Gently stir with a bar spoon.

Step 3: Garnish with a deseeded cherry, or a toasted sprig of rosemary.

Enjoy the delightful and easy-to-make Soda Highball whisky cocktail prepared with one of the best Indian whisky brands available in the market.