Smithfield Grocer Cocktail

One of the most underrated spirits in the world when it comes to cocktails, Irish Whiskey is the perfect replacement if you are looking to swap out the criminally overdone vodka and white rum cocktails for a change.

Irish Whiskey has been around for centuries yet fell into obscurity for the past few decades. The triple distillation method used to derive Irish Whiskey delivers a drink that is delightfully smooth, and consistently potent making them one of the most adaptable versions of whiskey

Whipping up a cocktail may seem a daunting task for an already exhausting summer, but there are a few Whiskey cocktails that are as easy to make as they are delicious to savor!

One such no-nonsense yet so massively beloved Irish Whiskey cocktails is the Smithfield Grocer, a refreshing drink that is perfectly suited to be had whenever one may feel like it, but is an ideal summer cocktail choice to beat the grueling heat.

The Process

Add the Pomegranate Juice, Chopped Ginger, Powdered Sugar and Lemon Juice and Zest into a blender. Strain the resulting mixture into a large serving jug. Add the Jameson Whiskey and Ginger Beer to the mixture.

Serve in a tumbler glass filled with ice cubes. Garnish with slices of lemon and enjoy the Smithfield Grocer.

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