Seven and Seven (also called 7 and 7 or Seven-Seven) is an astoundingly popular drink. This whiskey highball is pretty similar to Rum and Coke. The drink only has just two main ingredients and similar to mixes like Jack and Coke, it takes its name from the brands used in the blend. Seven and Seven has made frequent appearances on bar counters and pub menus in the US since the 1970s. The drink originally acquired its popularity as a staple of movie characters in cult hits like Mean Streets and Saturday Night Fever. After a lull in the 80s, De Niro’ Jimmy the Gent sipping on one in Goodfellas brought the Seven and Seven back into the limelight. The great thing about this cocktail is that it’s extremely specific about the ingredients. There are no substitutes or variations, and if you order a Seven and Seven at any bar, that is exactly what the barkeep will have to serve. The drink is served over a lot of ice and uses a 1:1 proportion of whiskey and the soft drink. Although, if you are just starting off with your first Seven and Seven, it makes more sense to blend one part of whiskey with two parts of soda. You don’t need a strainer or a shaker – just serve it in the same glass you are whipping it up in along with a wedge of lime and you are good to go.

The Process

Rim a highball glass with lemon sugar and fill it up with a lot of ice cubes. Pour one measure of Seagram’s 7 Crown Whiskey and top with 180ml of 7Up. Stir briskly and, serve with a wedge of lime and a cherry on top.