Summer is finally here…yay!

And with it the long days, warm nights, pool parties, and of course the happy hours are back. It’s time to start building your blocks to beat the heat with some tasty, cooling fixes - refresh our parched souls.

Scouring for a creative cocktail to enliven your summer, with an opportunity to play bartender? Light, classic summer cocktails sans the hang overs and slump are ideal for this season. What better than a tasty, invigorating fruit cocktail laced with a bit of booze! Summer fruits are the best bet to help you hydrate all summer long and make for flavourful drinks, such as the watermelon.

A vibrant, crunchy, water based fruit, packed with some great vitamins and makes for an excellent, boozy cocktail too that marries most of the spirits well. However, one of the most favoured one is whisky for sure. Providing warmth in winters and come summer, this spirit dons an impressive versatility, blending with the summer, fruity delights with great élan.

So scoop, juice and spike your cool watermelon with the warmth of a blended whisky such as Jameson Irish Whiskey. Draw the most out of this season while it’s still around. Be the cocktail maven in your next party and let your bartending skills loose to impress your guests with this simple and spicy watermelon whisky cocktail.

The Process

Rub the rim of an old-fashioned cocktail glass with a lime wedge dipped in some spicy salt – try flavoured salt like may be chipotle. Combine 60 ml whisky – try blended whisky such as Ballantines whisky, 60 ml fresh watermelon juice, 22 ml simple syrup, and 22 ml freshly squeezed lemon juice in an ice-filled cocktail shaker.

Shake it for about 30 seconds and strain into a chilled cocktail glass to serve. Garnish with basil leaves.

Try this super summer cooler that marries the cooling, sweet watermelon juice with notes of citrus and salt - a quintessentially refreshing summer cocktail. Cheers to summer and the good times!