Sea and Scotch Hot Chocolate

Whiskies distilled in the Islands lend a distinct character of the sea to a dram. A sip of an Island whisky will leave you with the scent of the salty mist of waves crashing onto rugged cliffs. Of the seven hundred or so islands dotting the cold seas around the Scottish mainland, only a handful of them are owned by distilleries. These islands endure their fair share of fierce environmental forces, but only one has translated the darkness of the archipelago into their tell-tale whisky-- Orkney.

Orkney with its cold rains is home to the Scapa Distillery, second-most northern distillery of Scotland. The wetness also tends to lead to lesser loss of alcohol through evaporation. Scapa whisky is known for its nose of fresh sea air with a smooth, long finish on the palate. A sip from this whisky begins with a smoky fruit cocktail taste before being carefully cut through with the brine. So how do you turn this whisky into something that could take you by absolute surprise? Add it to a steaming cup of hot chocolate, of course.

The exceptional flavours well aged in sherry and bourbon casks are a perfect mix with hot chocolate. The rich taste of the hot chocolate compliments the lightness of the whisky.

The Process

To make the hot chocolate, whisk together 2 tablespoons each of unsweetened cocoa powder and sugar, a pinch of salt, and 2 tablespoons of milk or cream over a medium heat in a saucepan till everything has dissolved. Add another cup of milk or cream and stir in a quarter teaspoon of vanilla extract until the mixture is hot.

Once your hot chocolate is ready, add 15 ml of the Scapa Single Orkney Malt in a cup and add in your hot chocolate, stirring all the while. Give the cup a grand topping with frothed milk. Take a sip and travel to the Islands of Scotland with a hint of home.