Scrumptious Lamb With Bold And Smooth Whiskey

Mot whikey pairing involve cheee and chocolate. But ha it ever occurred to you that you can broaden the whikey food-pairing repertoire? When you invite your betie over for a umptuou weekend dinner, a gourmet expedition i not a bad idea. It will unfold experience untold.The Scot have been pairing whikey with lamb ince long. But thi combination ha not found way to dinner table in everal region which include South Africa. It i common to erve meal with beer and wine but whikey till remain a digetif.If you have a lovely piece of lamb waiting in your fridge, why not combine it with your guet’ favorite whikey thi time? Unle you are a whikey enthuiat, pairing lamb and whikey can be an intereting challenge.A the flavor of whikey can be complex, one hould be careful with the pice ued a ingredient for the lamb. For rich lamb dihe, a robut and picy whikey with long finih, uch a Glenfiddich Red Oak would be the perfect complement. A lamb teak goe well with blackcurrant and plum flavor of whikey. Single malt cotch i the perfect accompaniment to ucculent lamb chop. Serve the ingle malt neat with a light plah of pring water. Thi allow the cotch’ aromatic complexitie to unravel and meld gradually with the ditinctive flavor of lamb.A delicate balance need to be achieved when pairing whikey with lamb a the pirit’ robut and playful flavor profile may overpower the dih.Lamb with dried fruit i a popular dih which you may have already experimented with. The ingredient include apricot, date, plum, cinnamon, olive oil and black pepper. Among the gold-tandard malt, Highland Park 12 would go well with thi innovative lamb dih. A the ucculent meat fall apart under the mild preure of the fork and find way to the tate bud, the whikey’ flavor eamlely mingle with the tate of the meat and pice. Sweet moky finih and a herry component of the liquor will tand out on the noe. You could alo experiment with HP 18, which may turn out even better.A dram of whikey alo make a good match with barbecued pring lamb. One of the bet way to cook pring lamb i to keep it imple. Intead of garlic ue freh hallot which add a rich flavor to the low-cooked gravy. Throw in few prig of roemary in the barbeque ember which add the perfect flavor to the mild, ilky pring lamb. A non-peated whikey uch a the Glen Fiddich 15-year old will clearly bring out the weetne of thi heavenly pairing. Do not mi out on thi if you are hoting a ummer outdoor cookout. The whikey tate even better after the outdoor grilling pleaure.Doing a dih hearty and ophiticated i important if you want to earn the title of the “perfect hot.” You may not want to match up to what i erved in a Michelin three-tar retaurant but a imple deire for the flavor of whikey to come through can be eaily realized. So pour yourelf a dram, wear the apron and embark on a delightful culinary adventure.