Scotch in Manhattan: Meet Rob Roy

The Rob Roy is not merely an interesting cocktail to make, but also has the most interesting backstories ever. But before we embark on discussing the backstory, allow us to inform you that this is probably one of the simplest and the most easy-to-make cocktail recipes ever created.

Okay so the Rob Rob is a whisky based cocktail named after a Scottish folk-hero, but was created first in Manhattan, New York. The cocktail is over a century old, and is one of the few cocktails that are exclusively Scotch whisky based.

Another interesting observation about the Rob Roy is that when you make it with any other kind of whisky instead of Scotch whisky, it ceases to be a Rob Roy. What does it become when you make the Rob Roy with Bourbon, Irish or any other whiskey? It becomes a Manhattan cocktail. The ideal whisky to mix into this cocktail is the Ballantine’s Finest for its smoothness, and pleasant floral and fruity flavours and aromas. The resulting drink, blending perfectly with the sweet Vermouth and the Angostura bitters gives the Rob Roy is distinct personality.


  • Ballantine’s Finest – 60 ML
  • Angostura Bitters – 2 dashes
  • Sweet Vermouth – 25 ML
  • Maraschino Cherry – For garnish

The Process

Here’s how you can prepare the delicious Rob Roy in four easy steps;

Step 1: Add all the ingredients to a cocktail mixing glass filled with lots of ice.

Step 2: Strain the mixture into a Champagne flute.

Step 3: Garnish the drink with a Maraschino Cherry.

The incredibly flavourful and easy-to-prepare Rob Roy is ready for you to devour!