Sazerac: Enduring Simplicity

Originally named after a brand of cognac that the cocktail was earlier made with, the Sazerac is one of America’s most beloved mixed drinks. In a lot of circles, it is also believed that it is the oldest whiskey based cocktail in America, and there could be some truth to those claims. The drink gets its name from Sazerac de Forge et Fils, a French brandy that was used as a base for the drink when the recipe was first created.

Nevertheless, the Sazerac retains its fame on the back of its complex balance of flavours, and the presence of Rye whiskey in the recipe. Believe it or not, an American lawmaker had once tried to have the Sazerac named as the official state cocktail. He may have failed in his endeavour but did succeed in having it named the official state cocktail of New Orleans.

Hard to downplay the appeal of a drink whose greatness has even been acknowledged by the state itself.The Sazerac is one of those drinks that seem complicated when you look at the ingredients, but in reality it is as simple as you would want it to be. Without any further ado, let’s look at the ingredients you will need to prepare the Sazerac.


  • Absinthe – 1 splash
  • Rabbit Hole Boxergrail – 40 ML
  • Cognac – 40 ML
  • Peychaud’s Bitters – 2 dashes
  • Angostura Bitters – 2 dashes
  • Sugar Cube – 1 pc
  • Chilled water – 60 ML
  • Lemon peel for garnish
  • The list of ingredients for the Sazerac are a slightly complicated
  • but the payoff is equally delicious. Part of the reason why this whiskey cocktail has yet to be pushed out of vogue.

The Process

Let’s get started with the preparation for the Sazerac.

Step 1: Add 1 splash of Absinthe to a chilled Old Fashioned glass. Rinse and discard the absinthe, then set the glass aside.

Step 2: Use a mixing glass to combine the rest of the ingredients. Start by muddling the sugar cube with water, Peychaud’s and Angostura bitters.

Step 3: Now add ice to mixing glass, followed by Boxergrail Rye whiskey and Cognac, then stir gently, but well.

Step 4: Use a strainer to transfer the contents of the mixing glass into the Old Fashioned glass.

Step 5: Garnish the drink with a slice of lemon peel.

And that is how the slightly more complicated and far more delicious Sazerac cocktail can be ready in a matter of minutes.

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