Brandy Flip? Gingerbread Flip? Death Flip?

This impressive family of flip drinks has done an enormous amount of flip-flopping over the decades with interesting variations. The original flip was a wonderful discovery long ago in the early 1600s when cocktails really were non-existent. Intended to suggest to its consumers how the drink was prepared— the flip was initially made with a mix of rum, beer and sugar – the perfect pairing for any day.

Nearly a century later, in 1695, the Flip was made a tad bit differently. It was heated with a red-hot iron, and served warm from the fire.

The times are different now. The Flip has undergone several experiments. From ale to Port to whiskey too, the base ingredient can be conveniently altered. However, the essential part of Flip remains consistent, that is, to beat the eggs up really well to begin with, for the precise froth and repeatedly pour it back and forth in a shaker to create the right smoothness for the drink.

So, don’t stow your whiskies away just because the weather is warm. Not only satisfying in winters, come warmer days, your favourite liquor can turn into an altered persona, such as the Boston Flip cocktail and knock you down in an hour.

Impress your guests with an easy recipe of this classic cocktail that can be stirred swiftly with under 5 ingredients.

The Process

In a cocktail shaker add 50 ml Bourbon, 50 ml Madeira, 10 ml sugar syrup, and 1 whole egg. Shake it well, add ice and shake it again to blend it all together. Double strain the mix into a chilled Goblet, Martini glass or even a Champagne coupe. Garnish it with a dust of freshly grated nutmeg and serve.

Party hard this summer and cheers to the good times!