Summer is upon us, and there we go reaching out for that chilled beer from our refrigerator. Hold on! Summer isn’t just synonymous with chilled beer. Yes, we all LOVE a cold beer, but there is more deliciousness to explore. You can also smash the summer heat and treat your taste buds with seasonal cocktails.

Toast to the return of patio weather, open sandals, and get-togethers with something special – a great beverage that marries your favourite beer with fresh berries and a splash of your favourite, versatile whisky – Blackbeery Whisky Smash Cocktail.

A ‘smash’ makes for refreshing, easy-to-stir summer cocktails with the fresh summer produce they use that burst with intensely, fruity and fresh flavours. This cocktail with its slight, natural sweetness, a tad of tart and hint of spice is a wonderful ode to summer. A classic cocktail style, the smash has been around for ages and the most popular rendition of the same is our favourite, mint julep. Usually made with whisky, muddled fruit and fresh mint, they make for a stunning drink to chug.

Give this berry-beery goodness a try at your next party, a fun craft cocktail that you’ll love stirring with ease at home.

The Process

Muddle ¼ cup fresh blackberries, 6-8 fresh mint leaves, 2 teaspoons sugar, and freshly squeezed juice of ½ lemon in a mixing glass. Stir in 60 ml whisky of your choice, such as the Glenlivet or the blended Jameson. Add lots of crushed ice and shake until chilled. Double strain over crushed ice into a chilled highball or rocks glass, and top it with 60 ml wheat beer. Garnish it green with mint sprigs.

Feeling fancy? Snip a wooden skewer and thread a few fresh blackberries onto it to add to your cocktail.

Make your happy hour truly happy by shaking up a few of these or many. Bet, no one could have just one and that’s perfect.