Mushroom and Whiskey Soup for the Soul

This one is a hearty, comforting recipe for mushroom soup, and that’s not just because of the sneaky splash of whiskey that goes into it. What’s more, rustling up a bowl is simple and does not demand too many ingredients or time. It is perfect for a chilly winter evening, or when you’re ill and looking for a little warmth, or even when you are entertaining guests. This is certainly delicious enough for all occasions, and sufficiently sophisticated for the last.

The addition of bacon only adds to the soup’s robust flavor, so make sure you use enough!

Feel free to choose any kind of whiskey you wish. However, it is better if it is not too strong or smoky because that’ll just end up interfering with the soup’s overall flavor.


  • 350g sliced mushrooms (any kind, mixed variety will do too)
  • 2 large chopped onions
  • 150g finely chopped bacon
  • 1 liter chicken stock
  • 375ml full fat milk
  • 2 tablespoons whiskey
  • 1 tablespoon French mustard

The Process

Sautee the mushrooms and onions, pour in the stock and add the mustard, allowing it to simmer gently. After about 20 minutes, add the bacon, milk and whiskey and turn up the heat through. Be careful not to boil. Remove and serve piping hot with hunks of toasted, rustic bread.

Tamarind Sour Cocktail

Cocktails are a lovely indulgence for special occasions when sipping on a neat whisky just doesn’t cut it. Whether it’s a summer night get-together with your family, or a raucous night out with your best friends, whipping up cocktails is the perfect prelude to some jazzy dance moves and recollections of some of your best shared memories. Vodka cocktails are way too common, and when it comes to whiskey cocktails, not many people know how to experiment with it. If you are looking for deliciously creative ways to put an interesting spin on your drinks, give whiskey cocktails a shot! Irish whiskey is the perfect choice to whip up cocktails as they are magnificently smooth, and supremely adaptable with an array of mixers. One such innovative cocktail recipe is the Tamarind Whiskey Sour! Developed by Andy Ricker, Chef at the Portland restaurant, Pok Pok, it is a tasty drink loved by all. Jameson whiskey would be the perfect choice for the Tamarind Whiskey Sour recipe. Here are the ingredients you will need to bring your Tamarind Whiskey Sour recipe to life!

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August ushers in game season. Pheasants, rabbits, and partridge starts finding its way to the pot. The red grouse, in particular, is a delicacy. The rich texture is perfect for roasting and makes a great addition to stews and casseroles. A native of the Scottish moorlands, the bird should essentially be cooked with juniper and thyme stuffed into its cavity. This rustic roast will soak in more delicate flavors if you layer on top a portion of streaky beacon tied with sprig of heather washed with some good scotch. Just in case you are craving the fresh kick of summer freshness, you might want to add some crushed berries, lemon juice, butter and seasoning before you place the thyme-juniper bouquet-garni into the dressed bird’s cavity.

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The Twelve Mile Limit

The Twelve Mile Limit cocktail is one of the iconic and favoured cocktails that sprang from the Prohibition-era of the USA. Interestingly, this potent cocktail took its name after the very U.S. Law that banned the consumption of alcohol for up to a dozen miles off its shores. During the period of Prohibition, a territorial limit of up to three miles around the water area of the country was claimed by the United States, which is as far as a cannon could fire. This led to the introduction of the Three Mile Limit cocktail. It seems only fitting that with the extension of the boundary to twelve miles, the Twelve Mile Limit cocktail was born in response. While there are many cocktails as a consequence to Repeal Day during the Prohibition-era, the Twelve Mile Limit is an especially unique cocktail, as it derives its name from a specific aspect of the Prohibition. This cocktail that is very much inspired by the laws in the Prohibition-era, taunts the system with its grand composition of rye whiskey, brandy, rum, lemon juice and grenadine. The mix is especially zesty and packs a punch. If you have a penchant for brown liquors, this cocktail with a bold hit of flavoura is sure to entice you. With a colourful history behind it, Twelve Mile Limit is a fantastic cocktail to celebrate Repeal Day.

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