Chicken Casserole with Whisky

Casseroles as we know it today, goes back to 20th century America, when lightweight metal and glass cookware became available for commercial use. However, cooking a one-dish meal in earthenware containers has been popular across nations for many centuries now.

Casseroles are made with chunks of meat or fish and chopped veggies bound together with rice, flour, potatoes or pasta, and sprinkled with grated cheese on top. Liquids release from the meat and veggies and additional liquid is added in the form of stock (or whisky, if you are in the mood for jazzing things up). Slow-cooked and often prepared uncovered, casseroles are served  both as the main course or as a side dish.


  • 2 tbsps of olive oil
  • 4-6 pieces of boneless chicken thighs with skin on
  • 100 gms of chopped bacon
  • A large onion chopped
  • 2 small sweet potatoes, peeled and then cut in cubes
  • 16 button mushrooms, cut in quarters
  • 500 mls of fresh chicken stock
  • 3 sprigs of thyme
  • Whisky of choice

The Process

Take a heavy-based pan and heat oil on medium high. Fry the chicken pieces until they turn crispy. Take them off the flame when they turn golden in colour. Cook the bacon in the same pan till they get some colour. Add the cubes of sweet potato, quarter sized mushrooms and the fried chicken. Make sure that the chicken is placed skin side up. Add enough chicken stock so it covers the top of the chicken skin, a good amount of whisky, thyme and then cover the pan with a lid. Let it simmer for a good 10-15 minutes until the insides of the chicken gets cooked. Run a sharp knife to judge whether it has been cooked. Strain off the extra amount of sauce, bring your dish to a boil and let it thicken. Add grated cheese on top and serve with a loaf of bread.