Milk Punch

If you have woken up to a greasy, hot morning and need a smooth cocktail to kick start your day, Milk Punch is your go-to drink.

Some believe that the cocktail is a reception of the original Irish Scáiltín, others believe that it could only be dated back to the days of Benjamin Franklin. Although Scáiltín and Milk Punch are similar as far as key ingredients are concerned, they have two basic differences. Scáiltín is mostly consumed warm and uses citrus fruits like lemon. Milk Punch is always served cold and is not citric in nature.

A popular festival cocktail from New Orleans, Milk Punch is one of the best drinks that you can have to wash down your breakfast or brunch. Milk Punch can cure your flu or hangover like magic. This has essentially to do with the medicinal qualities of nutmeg and the wholesome nature of the milk.

Some prefer using a large Bordeaux glass and brandy instead of bourbon, or adding both bourbon and cognac. We recommend otherwise.

The Process

In a cocktail shaker, combine 60ml bourbon, 90ml whole milk, 90ml heavy cream or half and half and 30ml simple syrup or honey. Drop 3 cubes of ice and two dashes of vanilla extract. Shake until frothy. This usually takes a minute or two. You can freeze this concoction for three to four hours if you want it slushy. Alternatively, just strain your freshly made Milk Punch into a chilled double-old fashioned glass immediately to savour. Garnish with freshly grated nutmeg before taking a long and comforting sip!