The Suburban is more of an oddity—dashes of whisky, rum, and port mixed together in an atypical concoction. Most mixology manuscripts, whether classic or contemporary, will give you examples of several drinks that blend rum and brandy; and a few others that mix port and rum. You’ll even find combinations of rum and whisky. But, all three together? Perhaps, the masterminds behind The Suburban needed to shake the apathetic palette out of its slumber. You may call the Suburban a dark horse. Most seem to miss it on the menu the first few times. However, the one time you do and dare to order a glass, it keeps you coming back for more. Supposedly, this drink was created to revel the accomplishments of James R. Keene, a major thoroughbred race horse owner and breeder as well as a Wall Street stockbroker. His stables— Sysonby, Colin and Commando, to name a few— continue to be spoken across America. Unsurprising, the flavours of the Suburban is reminiscent of the rococo age of American drinking. The rye cuts off the sweetness typically associated with rum and the port blends with both liquors to create this extremely dry drink. Add bitters to these, and the experience is something that goes beyond the usual.


  • Rye Whisky – 45ml
  • Dark rum – 15ml
  • Port wine – 15ml
  • Orange and Angostura dashes

The Process

Start off by filling a shaker with ice. Add dashes of orange and Angostura. Gradually pour in the rye whisky, dark rum, and port. Shake vigorously. Decant the mix into a chilled cocktail glass and serve. Cheers!