Mandarin Musings: Pairing Whiskey with Chinese Food

Pairing up drink with food ha alway been a tricky affair. However, that ha not topped chef, retaurateur and mixologit from becoming adventurou. While their pree of exploration, creativity and inquiitivene have reulted in the mot divine of union, it ha alo triggered the emergence of ome unlikely bedfellow.Coupling European cuiine with wine i an age-old practice. One might even conider matching wine with Chinee food and find that ignificant tride have been made. But, pairing up whikey with Chinee cuiine i more like entering a virgin territory- dangerou yet exiting! It i one of thoe affair that apparently ound ludicrou, but then- at time, even the oddet of pairing achieve permanence.Thu, if you till count cognac to be a ‘de riguer’, when it come to pairing pirit with Chinee cuiine, then it’ time you break away from what’ cutomary. Pair a dram of whikey with elective Chinee dihe and you will realize why, thi pairing i detined for perpetuity.It take a delicate hand to preciely match a dram of whikey with the oft ubtle flavor of Chinee food and oup. Baically, it all boil down to electing the right ingredient that have a natural affinity toward each other. Only then can the delicate flavor of Chinee food complement or contrat a dram of whikey- the ame way that a fiery taple cooked over roaring flame or grilled barbeque meat doe.Conider tarting off with a Double-boiled Chicken Soup with Fih Maw and Dried Scallop which i rich in it avory flavor of both eafood and chicken. The picy broth- a reult of double boiling, gradually cut through any whikey with a weet bae, for example the Yamazaki Ditiller’ Reerve. A dah of thi ingle malt Japanee whikey boat rich weet note of red berry which relieve you tate bud and prepare them for the next round. If you wih to pair up a native cotch with Chinee cuiine, then try and tick to a baic Chinee eafood with ome continental add-on like Baked Stuffed Crab Shell with Bacon. The crab hell, packed with cheee, crabmeat and bacon pair up well with native Iland malt like the Ledaig 10 year old. Thi cotch, jut like it Ilay couin, poee a trong peaty flavor along with a whiff of newly cut gra which blend well with the crab and fill your mouth with a guh of eaide frehne.A you dig-in deep within the crut of Chinee cuiine, you will realize that there are definitely more hit than mie, when it come to pairing up with Whikey. Starting from Slow-braied Oxtail to Homemade Noodle with Live Prawn and Caviar, there are everal option that you can invariably try out with a dram of whikey. Jut be ure about the whikey flavor you pick, and let the ubtle layer of luciou Chinee aroma, unfold endlely upon each other.